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Mug stickers

Can go in the dishwasher. Custom cut in any shape.

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Heat proof
Heat proof
Won't fade
Won't fade
Our Guarantee
Our Guarantee

Mug sticker highlights

Mug sticker highlights

  • Perfect for personalisation or promoting your business in important meetings.

  • Clear gloss over-laminate protects the printed layer.

  • Medium strength adhesive sticks to all mugs.

  • Will not leave any residue after use.

  • Digitally cut to any shape.

  • Available in any shape and a range of coloured materials.

  • 2cm minimum size.

  • Resistant to scratches, water and from fading in sunlight.

  • Printed on the highest quality vinyl.

What are mug stickers?

What is a die cut sticker icon

What are mug stickers?

  1. Cut in a custom shape around your design

  2. Individually cut, not on sheets

  3. Gloss finish

  4. White or clear materials available

Don't have a design?

  • Create your own design online for free

  • No design experience needed

  • 1000s of pre-made designs to choose from

  • Proof your design instantly for the fastest delivery

  • Upload and modify your own artwork

  • Start from scratch to create anything

  • Design stickers and labels for every occasion

  • Let your creativity run free

Reviews for mug stickers


verified reviews


27th June 2022

100% plan on buying these in a larger scale soon, beyond impressed with the quality and life, especially the biodegradable stickers!


23rd June 2022

Boone qualité d'impression et joli rendu.

Chris O'Hare

21st June 2022

Great service, we are very pleased with our die cut stickers and didn't quibble when we asked them to make some changes for us.

Nairio Santos

19th June 2022

The holographic stickers were not delivered.


How are mug stickers made?

Split view of a white vinyl sticker with each material layer numbered

How are mug stickers made?

  1. Gloss laminate protects from sunlight, scratching & water.

  2. Printed using the latest technology with super detail & vibrant colours.

  3. Choose from white or clear material to create your desired result.

  4. A permanent, medium-strength adhesive is perfect for sticking to any mug.

  5. Thick backing makes them easy to peel & gives a premium feel.

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