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Custom Stickers

Upload your design and choose your material and we’ll print to your specifications.

You can really test the limits of your imagination, making something unique to promote your brand or business.

We’ll send you a design proof that you can amend until you’re happy with it, before printing.

Which sticker should you choose?

Die-cut, circular, rectangular, etc..

These are our most popular stickers, that are great for almost all applications. You can have them cut in whatever shape you want, simply select it from the list & upload your artwork.

Great for:
  • Business, club & organisation decals
  • Stickers for packaging
  • Artwork & illustration stickers

Transfer stickers

Available in white and black. They come supplied with a clear, removable layer used to apply the sicker and keep all of the pieces in place. We use a nice premium sticky vinyl for amazing durability.

Great for:
  • Single colour designs
  • Lettering

Clear stickers

Our clear stickers are perfect for applications which require backlighting, or for sticking onto windows or glass. We can print full colour onto clear, including white to make your stickers look so good.

Great for:
  • Window stickers with multiple colours
  • Stickers for bottles or glasses

Heavy Duty stickers

This is an extreme material suitable for the harshest applications - they withstand rocks, rubbing tyres and crazy impacts. They're glossy, your stickers will look amazing and last for ages!

Great for:
  • Stickers for extreme sports
  • Stickers that will experience lots of rubbing or wear
  • Sticking to hard-to-stick to surfaces (e.g. wheely-bins & moto cross bikes)

Company Info

Sticker it is a trading name of Kartdavid Limited. Kartdavid has been creating the finest quality custom graphics since 2007.

Registered office: Stonehaven, Breach Hill Common, Chew Stoke, Bristol BS40 8YG, United Kingdom

Company number: 08234971

VAT registration number: GB 995280966

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