Why do people put UK stickers on their cars?

Cars that cross European boundaries have to showcase their country of origin. So the UK car stickers you see plenty of abroad or even in the UK are simply holiday leftovers.

UK car sticker on the back of a Ford Fiesta

Every car that crosses the border needs to use a national identifier. Most of them are on the license plate, so you don't often see other country-based stickers on cars.

According to the Government, you do not need a UK sticker if your number plate has the new UK identifier with the Union Jack.

But you need a UK sticker if your number plate only has:

  • Numbers and letters and no flag or identifier
  • The old GB identifier with the flag
  • The EU flag
  • A flag of England, Scotland, or Wales

Number plate with a Welsh flag on it

What is the difference between UK and GB car sticker?

With Brexit, a few things have changed around car stickers. They used to feature "GB" which has now been updated to "UK" to include Northern Ireland - Great Britain actually only encompasses England, Scotland and Wales.

This is why the vehicle identifier "GB" that you often find on your license plate is not outdated and must be accompanied by a UK sticker.

Where can I get a UK sticker for my car?

You can get a UK sticker for your car from many auto stores, and some supermarkets sell them too.

You can also create and order them online. Many websites offer UK stickers in different sizes and styles to suit your needs.

We recommend using 7x7cm oval stickers printed onto white vinyl for the longest durability and the best possible result. If you'd prefer it was magnetic, you can go for a magnetic car sticker instead. 

And there you have it. If you are not sure about car stickers, check out our article on whether car stickers are a good idea. You can also contact our experts or test our materials and your designs with a custom-printed sample.

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