Is it a good idea to put stickers on your car?

It really depends on your personal preference. If you enjoy having stickers on your car, then it could be a fun and creative way to express yourself.

Is it a good idea to put stickers on my car

Simply make sure that your car stickers:

  • Do not impact your view of the road
  • Do not contain offensive messages
  • Will not damage your car when you remove them.

All of these seem reasonable enough, so we say yes, it is a good idea to put stickers on your car.

We have answered some of your most burning questions about using car stickers, specifically in the UK, below.

Is it legal to put stickers on cars UK?

Yes, it is legal to put stickers on your car. You can find out more in our article what are car stickers. However, there are some aspects you need to consider. These include

  • The size of your car sticker
  • The impact your sticker can have on your view
  • Whether your stickers disturb or pose a risk to other road users

You can find a detailed overview of UK law regarding the use of car stickers here.

But for now, ensure that your sticker will not obstruct your view of the road and will not blind, distract or upset other road users. This includes avoiding reflective materials and not using profane or upsetting slogans or designs.

Are stickers on a car classed as a modification?

Car stickers can fall into the category of "cosmetic modifications". This will depend on the company you are insured with.

Some classify a modification as "any change that differs from the manufacturer's original factory specification" (more here).

Stickers are a small cosmetic modification at most because they do not impact your vehicle's performance and will not increase or decrease the value of your car.

Do you have to tell your insurance if you put stickers on your car?

You can, to be on the safe side or if you are dealing with a particularly large sticker.

However, since a standard car sticker will not influence the performance of your car or impact its value, it is very unlikely that your insurance will a) care or b) change your premium.

How much are car stickers?

Of course, the price of car stickers also determines whether it is a good idea to invest in them.

Since we offer custom-printed car stickers, there is no set pricing list. Instead, the price depends on

  • the material you select
  • the size of your sticker
  • how many stickers do you want

So let's look at an example. Say, you want to get 75 7x7cm stickers printed onto white vinyl for your car.

All you'd have to do is head over to the car stickers page and enter your requirements. You can then select "custom quantity" and enter 75. This will create an instant price for you.

So 75 car stickers at 7x7cm would cost £51 (correct at the time of writing).

Overall, car stickers can be a great way to express yourself and add character to your vehicle. However, you should always consider the size of your sticker, its impact on visibility, and any potential risks it poses for other road users before sticking it onto your car.

And once you have applied them, you are good to go. And if you want to remove them, do not worry. We have plenty of tips for you, including how to remove stickers from car window.

If you have any questions, ask our experts and they will get back to you within 24 hours. You can also get a custom-printed sample to test your car stickers here.

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