Where to Put a Bumper Sticker

What is a bumper sticker? The history of bumper stickers starts not with the sticker, but with the bumper. Ford Motors was the first to introduce a bumper onto their Model A car, released in 1927. Stickers themselves came along shortly afterwards in the 1930s. 

But putting the bumper and the sticker together wouldn’t occur until sometime after World War II, when a print shop owner found himself with a surplus of self-adhesive paper strips left over from the war. Previously, these adhesive strips had been used to adorn tanks and planes with the markings of America's military.

Soon enough, an idea was born, and he began printing bumper stickers for businesses across America. But the presidential election of 1952, between Dwight Eisenhower and Adlai Stevenson sent bumper stickers into the stratosphere, as both campaigns handed them out to supporters by the handful.

Nowadays, you can find bumper stickers for everything from political candidates to niche hobbies to television shows. Since their invention, they have remained a popular way to express oneself for all to see. 

How to Place a Bumper Sticker Properly

When placing a self-adhesive sticker, you only get one shot to do it right, so plan your placement carefully. You’ll want to find a space on your car’s bumper that is clean and free from scratches. For metal bumpers, you’ll want to avoid rusty areas. 

Gently clean the chosen spot with a cloth to prepare it for application. Next, if you have some chalk or an easily erasable marker, grab a ruler or a levelling tool, and use it to draw a straight line where you want your sticker to go. Nothing is worse than a crooked bumper sticker you can’t reapply.  

Carefully peel back one side of your bumper sticker and align it with the line you’ve drawn on the bumper. Carefully continue to peel the backing away with one hand while using your other hand to smoothly press the sticker against the bumper. Maintain a little tension on the bumper sticker as you pull the backing away. This will prevent wrinkles as you smooth the sticker onto the bumper with your hand. 

Where Not to Place Bumper Stickers

Be careful not to place bumper stickers in areas that aren’t coated in automotive paint. Otherwise, the sticker risks pulling the paint off, should anyone ever try and remove it. Be mindful of how big the bumper sticker is to ensure it doesn’t cover any rear view cameras, brake lights, or turn signals.

Avoid placing stickers on windows, as it may obstruct visibility. In some states and countries, placing stickers on your windshield or in areas that obstruct your vision may be illegal. Always check your local laws before placing a bumper sticker. 

Make Your Own Custom Bumper Stickers

With Sticker it, you can make your own custom bumper sticker in seconds. Simply visit our vinyl sticker section, choose the size of your bumper sticker, how many you want, and upload an image to get started. 

Within a day, you’ll receive an email with a digital proof of your sticker. This is an image of what your sticker will look like before we send it off to the printers. If you’re satisfied, your stickers will be at your door in fewer than five business days. Should you require a modification like trimming a border or enlarging an image, just let us know. Our sticker creation professionals will have it fixed and emailed back to you for approval as soon as possible!

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