How Big Is a Bumper Sticker? 

Bumper stickers are a popular and fun way to display your personality while bringing awareness to causes dear to your heart. Whether you are sporting a bumper sticker in support of your favourite musician, alma mater, or brand, leave it to a properly placed bumper sticker to catch eyes and draw attention. 

When it comes to designing bumper stickers online at Sticker it, we have heard it all. From wanting to learn the proper way to apply a bumper sticker to being unsure of where to put a bumper sticker, we have the resources for proper application. What about creating a bumper sticker? When it comes to designing, many people assume that they are only available in one size. 

Bumper Sticker Sizing

So, what is the correct size for a bumper sticker? Well, sorry to disappoint but it actually depends. There is no one-size-fits-all bumper sticker. 

Unbeknownst to many, bumper stickers come in a wide array of sizes. The size you choose will depend on your design’s purpose, the demands of the design, and eventual sticker placement. While there’s no one perfect size, your options are endless. You get to decide the size you want.

Custom Design Your Bumper Sticker

Custom designing a bumper sticker gives you the freedom and flexibility to create your sticker to your liking. Tailor-made, with your preferences, designs, shapes, and style in mind, custom bumper stickers ensure that your vision becomes reality. 

You have complete control over the type of material, shape, and design you want your bumper sticker to have. Let’s walk through your bumper sticker options with Sticker it!

Design Your Bumper Sticker With Sticker it 

Our easy-to-use online designer makes creating your bumper sticker a breeze. Simply insert your measurements, ranging anywhere from 0.8 inches to 22.8 inches. Once you have selected your measurements, decide the type of material you want your sticker printed on—white vinyl is our most popular option, but clear vinyl can work better for those looking for a transparent finish. 

We recommend white vinyl for stickers that require vibrant colors or details that can get overlooked by a transparent backdrop. Clear backing allows for the color of the car (and anything else under your sticker) to show through, potentially upstaging your design. If you want a clear material, we suggest looking into window decal stickers for your car.

After you have selected your material, you will be asked to choose your desired print quantity. The software will then ask you to upload your artwork for our designers. Don’t worry—you will be sent a proof before proceeding with your order.

Why Opt For Sticker It Bumper Stickers? 

Bumper stickers at Sticker it are not only printed on the highest quality vinyl, but are resistant to scratches, water, and general wear and tear of being exposed to the sun. Custom-made to your design, our bumper stickers are individually cut, UV resistant, durable, and designed to last up to three years outdoors and in sunlight.

Sticker it has a proven track record. With more than 9,000 happy customers and twelve million stickers printed, Sticker It takes pride in its expert designers, easy-to-navigate online designer, outstanding support team, and unparalleled sticker quality!

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