How to Make Beautiful Stickers

If you like do-it-yourself (DIY) projects and are looking to print stickers online or to learn how to make beautiful stickers yourself, you have come to the right place.

You don’t need us to tell you how wonderful stickers are. Chances are you already know. Versatile and fun, stickers are a great way to promote your brand and products, increase brand awareness, and share your brand with the world.

Die cut white vinyl sticker with corgi design applied to an iPhone on a table

Creating Stickers Yourself

We know you are eager to get the information on how to make beautiful stickers yourself, so we won’t keep you waiting. We put some of our tried and tested tips that will make you a sticker pro in no time. 

Design Your Artwork

When it comes to creating stickers, the most important step is choosing your design. You don’t have to be a wizard at designing graphics though—a simple image will usually do just fine. 

Feel free to look online for inspiration. Design websites like Canva offer free usage for premade designs and templates. You can also use software, such as the free design tool on the Sticker It website. As long as your design is eye-catching, makes you happy, and brings awareness to your brand, you’re doing it right.

Remember, you don’t have to go through the process alone. If at any point, you feel lost or confused or would like some professional assistance, the talented designers at Sticker It are here to lead the way. 

Choose Your Material

Sticker It is known for its wide selection of versatile materials. From holographic vinyl to eco-friendly options, there is a material for almost every design want and need out there.

Do you want your stickers to be shiny and iridescent but still made out of 100% biodegradable material? Consider printing your stickers on an eco-friendly holographic vinyl that is shimmery yet still environmentally friendly. 

Maybe you are looking to create stickers that grab your attention. Opting for a neon sticker or a mirror silver sticker might do just that. You get to choose. 

You have your design and your materials selected. Now what? 

If you are printing your stickers at home, be sure to update your printer’s settings to the appropriate specifications to ensure that the colours print the right way.

Use Our Website to Order Your Stickers

Looking for a DIY approach that’s a little less work? Design and print your stickers online at Sticker It. Simply choose the material you wish to use, input your dimensions, choose the sticker shape you want, and upload your artwork. It’s that easy.

Once our designers receive your request, they will put together a mock-up to send back your way. If you are happy with the mock-up, all you need to do is give the green light, and voila—your stickers will be printed.

Fast forward: You've printed your stickers, love them and already stuck them to a window or glass door. But now, you'd actually like to update your design or try a different material. Hm, how do you clean stickers off of glass? Worry not, we have got you covered.

Let Sticker it Lead the Way

Making your own stickers can be fun but also challenging. At Sticker It, we take pride in our track record of having printed twelve million stickers and helped over 9,000 customers. 

While our website allows you to create your own design, we also offer a team of expert designers who are ready and willing to help answer any questions and bring your ideas to fruition. With an extensive array of different types of sticker material, we can meet any request or demand. You don’t need to take our word for it–give us a call or check out our website and see for yourself!

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