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Elevate the look of your design with custom foil printing. We print your chosen foil onto clear material. Browse the selection below.

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Foil printing for custom foil products

Foil printing is a premium printing option for your stickers and labels. Foil allows you to custom print metallic effects directly onto clear materials, creating a stunning look for your product labels, business cards or even wedding invitations.

Learn more about foil printing techniques, what foil printing is and which foil print options are available. 

Printed foils to choose from

You can control the metallic effect of your custom foil stickers and labels by choosing the coloured foil you want to use on your design. We will then print this foil onto clear material.

Our foil options are: 

  • Gold foil
  • Silver foil
  • Eco-friendly gold foil
  • Eco-friendly silver foil

The printed foils we use are not aluminium foil. Instead, we use a thin metallised polypropylene film with a chrome effect that shimmers and shines. 

You can also choose between two clear material options for your foil stickers and labels. Choose our standard clear vinyl if you are looking for a durable, waterproof and scratch-resistant sticker design. 

Our eco-friendly clear option is made from wood pulp, which makes this material compostable and biodegradable. The foil layers is to thin that it will not interfere with the decomposition of your custom stickers or labels.

Digital foil printing 

Traditional foil printing methods uses custom dies and varying temperatures to transfer the foil onto the chosen material. 

Technological advances allow us to speed this process up and print foils digitally. The digital foiling process uses a digital inkjet printer with a head that applies a layer of transparent adhesive onto the material. Then, the foil is rolled against your chosen material base, sticking to the area that has been coated in glue. 

Often, this process uses a UV-cured adhesive which is exposed to a UV light station that dries the adhesive immediately and allows the foil to stick to the media. 

Foil printing vs foil stamping

When you research foil printed products, you will come across two terms: foil printing and foil stamping. 

The main difference between foil printing and foil stamping lies in the way the foil is used to create your design. 

Foil stamping uses custom metal dies that have your design or text etched into them. These are then heated up and stamped into your chosen foil, leaving an imprint of your design on the foil. Foil printing, on the other hand, uses the foil to actually create, or print, your design onto a clear material. 

Print foil products  

Are you ready to print your own foil products?

Foil printed stickers and labels are the perfect way to elevate your design, no matter if you want to create premium product labels, save-the-date stickers for your wedding, or promotional stickers or die cut cards for your business. 

And custom printing is easier than ever. As soon as you have your design, all you need to do is enter your custom size, select your quantity and hit check out. Within 12 hours, we will send you a digital design proof for you to approve. After you’ve done that, the printing process takes four working days plus shipping. And then your printed stickers or labels are ready to be used for your business, products or next event!