How to Design Stickers to Sell

For many, stickers are a form of self-expression, a way to show off one’s personality, story, and favourites. This is why it’s become such a lucrative industry, with crafters profiting from fun and eye-catching designs. If you’ve got a trove of creative ideas and have thought, “Hey, I want to print my own custom stickers, too”--now's the time. Thanks to software like Canva or Procreate, designing stickers is easier than ever. If you’re at a blank, you can even get inspiration (or workable designs!) online.

Then, you can print these stickers yourself; making custom stickers with Cricut has made this possible for home crafters. But an easier route is to partner with a printer like Sticker it which can ensure that your custom stickers for business come out in the best quality and cuts.

How to design stickers to sell

How to Design Stickers

There are plenty of ways to design stickers. You can simply let your creativity, resourcefulness, and ingenuity take over and be surprised by what your mind and hands can create for you. But if you need a starting point, here are some of the most common ways to design stickers:

Grab Icons Online

You might have an eye for good sticker designs but don’t quite know how to put them on paper. If that’s the case, you can start by grabbing icons online and playing around with shapes and colours to create designs that are uniquely yours.

Use Design Software

For many designers, software like Canva and Procreate are a godsend because they allow you to whip up designs easily using templates and ready-made elements. Explore different concepts and use technology to bring out the best in your ideas. 

Draw Your Designs

For designs that stand out, opt to draw them by hand. You can work on it on paper or, if you have it, on a design tablet. This gives your design a personal touch and ensures its individuality. Simply ensure to use a high-resolution file to print your illustrations for the best possible outcome. 

Tips for Designing Stickers

There are practically no limits when it comes to designing stickers—and that can be intimidating. To help you zero in on the concepts that you want and arrive at the designs you’re envisioning, here are some tips to keep in mind:

Know Your Audience

Stickers are a form of self-expression, and people who buy them do so because they resonate with them. Decide on a target audience and create your stickers for them, considering of course that these are concepts that are relevant to you, too. 

Think of a Theme

If you can’t quite decide on the specifics of your design, try to zero in on a general theme instead. You can create typographic stickers, minimalist stickers, or retro stickers. Once you have a theme, you can apply different concepts to it while still having the whole idea tied together.

Incorporate Your Branding

If you’re making stickers for your business, be sure to incorporate your branding. While you can opt for classic logo stickers, you can also up your sticker marketing strategy by delving deeper into your branding, maybe playing around with colours or introducing characters.

Keep It Simple

Stickers come in all shapes and sizes, but they’re generally tiny. And if you try to pack as many elements into them, they could lose their aesthetic appeal or message–this is why it’s best to keep your designs as straightforward as possible.

Play With Shapes 

While there’s nothing wrong with squares, circles, or triangles, stickers can also subvert the norms. Don’t be afraid to try unconventional sticker shapes, especially if they tie into your branding or designs.

Things to Consider Before Selling Stickers

Now that you know how to design your custom stickers, it’s time to get the ball rolling on production. But before you do, consider these important factors when selling stickers.

If you’re taking online designs, be sure that they’re free of copyright and that you’re not stealing the ideas of other artists. You don’t want to find yourself in legal hot water!


The materials you use for printing stickers will heavily impact the quality of your product. Choose ones that will bring out the intricacy and brightness of your designs, while ensuring the durability of the actual pieces.


You can print stickers at home on a regular printer–but if you’re designing stickers to sell, it’s best to partner with a custom sticker printer like Sticker It for efficient work and high-quality prints.

Design Stickers to Sell with Sticker it

Sticker it can help you through the process of designing and printing stickers to sell. You can come up with a concept of your own or ask the staff to help you create the best designs for your brand. Then, you can leave the printing to Sticker it, assured that you’re getting premium prints!

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