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Biodegradable paper stickers 🌱

Printed on matte white, compostable, splashproof paper.

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Rectangle biodegradable paper stickers with cardboard soap boxes
Rectangle biodegradable paper stickers with detox design applied to a clear glass jar filled with soaking salts
Rectangle biodegradable paper sticker with take out logo applied to cardboard food boxes
Circle biodegradable paper sticker with thank you design applied to seal tissue paper
Square biodegradable paper sticker with save the ocean design hand held
Die cut biodegradable paper sticker with protect our oceans design applied to a silver laptop
Die cut biodegradable paper stickers applied to a cardboard box filled with lavender soap
Square biodegradable paper sticker applied to a white candle jar
Eco Friendly
Eco Friendly
Write on it
Write on it
Free design proofs
Free design proofs
Our Guarantee
Our Guarantee
Eco Friendly
Eco Friendly
Write on it
Write on it
Free design proofs
Free design proofs
Our Guarantee
Our Guarantee

Biodegradable paper sticker highlights

Biodegradable paper sticker highlights

  • Compostable, which makes it a better option for the environment.

  • Medium strength adhesive will stick to most surfaces.

  • Available in any shape.

  • 2 cm min, 70 cm max size.

  • Suitable for indoor & short-term outdoor use.

  • Resistant to scratches & splashproof (water only, not oils).

  • No limit on the number of colours used.

What is a biodegradable sticker?

What is a biodegradable sticker?

  1. Printed on sugar cane, matte white paper

  2. Cut to any shape you require

  3. Individually cut, not on sheets

  4. Matte finish

Biodegradable paper material sample full size

A matte white, woodfree paper composed of 95% of sugarcane fibres and 5% of hemp and linen. It has a medium-strength adhesive, suitable for a wide range of applications. Designed to be used as indoor stickers or labels.

  • Splash proof (water only)
  • Not suitable for contact with oil or chemicals
  • UV Resistant
  • Medium strength adhesive will stick to most surfaces
  • White, matte finish
  • Suitable for indoor use
  • Recyclable
  • Biodegradable
  • Resistant to sunlight & light splashes
  • Can write on it
  • Freezer safe
  • Safe for contact with food

What is a biodegradable paper sticker?

Square biodegradable paper sticker with save the ocean design hand held

The complete guide to materials for stickers & labels

The complete guide to materials for stickers and labels

Biodegradable paper stickers - All you need to know

Info graphic on how biodegradable paper stickers are made

Environmentally friendly stickers; breaking down the options

Die cut eco-friendly stickers with recycling design applied to a cardboard envelope

Does shape matter?

The complete guide to selecting the shape for stickers and labels

Frequently asked questions

Biodegradable paper stickers get printed on a woodfree paper, made from 95% sugarcane fibre byproduct, bagasse, and 5% hemp & linen.

No, the paper these stickers get printed on is splashproof only. That means it can handle light contact with water. If you want a sticker that can be used outside every day and is still biodegradable, check out our eco-friendly stickers.

Our design team will send your design proof for approval within 12 working hours after placing your order (Monday-Friday). Once approved, printing takes 4 working days.

We ship within the UK with either Royal Mail or DPD Local.

International orders are shipped with either FedEx or DHL.

You will receive a tracking number to keep an eye on your order. See our delivery times here.

We'll email you a design proof within 12 working hours (Monday to Friday). Please check everything is perfect and request changes for free until you're 100% happy, then we print your stickers within 4 working days. Shipping times can vary, see details here.

We can accept nearly any artwork you can provide. However, the best file type is vectors (PDF, EPS, SVG, AI, CDR) because they have incredible print quality, no matter the size. If you cannot provide a vector, send us the highest resolution bitmap possible; this will be a file type such as; JPEG, BMP, PNG. If you send us a vector file, please convert text to curves/outlines and convert colours to CMYK. Read more about creating and uploading artwork here.

Yes. Within 12 working hours from ordering (Monday-Friday), we will send you a detailed design proof showing how your sticker looks before we print it. If you want any changes, we will make them for free until you're satisfied. Learn more about what a design proof is here.

Yes. Each design needs to be the same size and on the same material. If you would like multiple designs of different sizes, you will need to add these to your cart separately. To upload your files, you need to ZIP your files into one .zip file. Then add instructions on how many you'd like of each file after uploading. We will send you a design proof of all of your artwork before printing, so you can be sure it's perfect before manufacturing. You can find more about uploading multiple designs here.

Yes, you can use our template that tells you how to design for sheet labels. Download it here.

Don't have a design?

  • Create your own sticker or label design online for free

  • No design experience needed

  • 1000s of pre-made designs to choose from

  • Proof your design instantly for the fastest delivery

  • Upload and modify your own artwork

  • Start from scratch to create anything

  • Design custom stickers and labels for every occasion

  • Let your creativity run free

Product reviews


verified reviews


10th March 2023


8th March 2023

I have been looking for a sustainable alternative to plastic/vinyl clear stickers for a while. Came across this site and ordered two lots of samples of eco clear stickers - I'm pleasantly surprised! They turned out to be great quality and have a very similar quality to the vinyl I've been getting. Its hard to believe they are plant based and made from wood pulp. The transparency has good clarity and the print quality is sharp and bright. I will be ordering more for my shop :)

Brendan Ortiz

8th March 2023


7th March 2023

A little hard to remove from the backing but great quality and will certainly order again. Would be great to reduce the packaging even further.


How are biodegradable stickers made?

How are biodegradable stickers made?

  1. Printed using the latest technology with super detail & vibrant colours.

  2. Compostable material with a matte finish.

  3. A permanent, medium-strength biodegradable acrylic adhesive is perfect for 1000's of applications.

  4. Thick backing makes them easy to peel & gives a premium feel.

Split view of a biodegradable paper sticker with each material layer numbered

Over 10 million stickers printed for some of the biggest & smallest brands on the planet

Brands we work with adidas
Brands we work with deliveroo
Brands we work with dominos
Brands we work with dulux
Brands we work with google
Brands we work with michelin
Brands we work with netflix
Brands we work with nike
Brands we work with shopify
Brands we work with spotify
Brands we work with uber
Brands we work with youtube


We sell a premium product with a second-to-none finish, which is why we work with Sticker it. Their attention to detail and consistent quality production is perfect for us and something we can totally rely on. We would highly recommend working with them and will continue to do so.

Temple Cycles

White bicycle sticker with Temples cycles logo applied to a grey bike frame used for the testimonial

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Typical uses for biodegradable paper stickers

  • Environmentally conscious brands
  • Laptop stickers
  • Drinks & beverage bottle labelling
  • Jars & other food products
  • Address labelling
  • Compostable product packaging
  • Recycled product packaging
  • Phone stickers
  • General logo and branding stickers
  • Office documentation

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Custom biodegradable paper stickers - made for you 

Biodegradable paper stickers are the perfect way to promote your small business, bring your art to life, or create an amazing look for your products without harming the environment.

These beauties are made from high-quality, wood-free paper that consists of sugarcane fibre, linen and hemp. That makes these stickers 100% compostable. Simply put them in your food waste bin, and they will compost within 12 weeks.

Biodegradable paper sticker printing 

We have excellent customer service and a quick turnaround time. After you have approved your digital design proof, we print, cut, and laminate your biodegradable paper stickers within 4 working days. We use state-of-the-art printing technology, including the world’s best digital printer, to give you the best print quality and greatest result possible. 

First, we print directly onto the biodegradable paper. Full-colour printing is no problem and the white material offers the perfect canvas for creating stunningly vibrant colours.

Your biodegradable paper stickers are not laminated. Instead, they come with a naturally matte finish that gives them an artisan look.  

Finally, it is time to cut your stickers. Your paper stickers can have any shape you want. Get anything from square over kiss cut to die cut stickers.

Ready to order biodegradable paper stickers? 

Get biodegradable paper stickers custom-made from Sticker it. Use the pricing calculator above, enter your custom size and quantity to get an instant price - no hidden charges - and get started.  

Are you looking for biodegradable paper labels instead? Then you check out our custom labels selection. Get multiple designs or just one design printed onto your sticker sheets.

You can even make your own high-resolution designs for personalised stickers and labels online with our very own free design tool, Graphic.