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We have shortlisted our most popular custom stickers. Browsing this selection is the quickest & easiest way to get awesome custom stickers.

Die cut stickers
  • Bestseller (most versatile)
  • Full-color print + white ink
  • Individually cut
Clear stickers
  • Clear vinyl is near invisible
  • Cut to any shape
  • Full color print + white ink
Holographic stickers
  • Printed on rainbow vinyl
  • Suitable indoor & outdoor
  • Full color print + white ink
Kiss cut stickers
  • Cut through vinyl only
  • Fast to peel & apply
  • Option to print on the border
Heavy duty stickers
  • 8x thicker than other stickers
  • Built for extreme uses
  • 2x stickier than normal
Transfer stickers
  • Cut from a single bit of vinyl
  • A.K.A. cut vinyl or lettering
  • Single color; black or white
Biodegradable paper stickers đŸŒ±
  • Compostable
  • Indoor use only
  • Vegan
Glitter stickers
  • Printed on glitter effect vinyl
  • Suitable indoor & outdoor
  • Full-color print + white ink
Mirror silver stickers
  • Printed on silver effect vinyl
  • Suitable indoor & outdoor
  • Full-color print + white ink

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29th September 2022

I was not expecting that the sample order will take 3 weeks to arrive, but, honestly, it was worth waiting. You will receive 8 separate sticker sheets with different sticker materials. Definitely helped me make up my mind about eco-friendly stickers. Creating new designs to work with Stickerit now!


27th September 2022



27th September 2022

Impossible to order on the website first, but a solution was quickly found, happy with the samples, we will re-order again in larger quantities soon.

Cameron Meerdink

26th September 2022

Found this company after a little extra legwork on a Google search and am so impressed with their products & services. Getting ready to order again right now!


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