Heavy duty sticker samples

Order 10 custom stickers for $9. Free shipping. Built for extreme environments. 8x thicker than normal.
HeaderSection.keyFeature.altTextPrefix Extreme Durability
Extreme Durability
HeaderSection.keyFeature.altTextPrefix Sticks to anything
Sticks to anything
HeaderSection.keyFeature.altTextPrefix Won't fade
Won't fade
HeaderSection.keyFeature.altTextPrefix Write on it
Write on it

Highlights of heavy duty sticker samples

  • Get 10 individual samples for $9 with free US shipping.
  • Industrial-strength stickers, built for extreme environments.
  • Super thick & sticky.
  • High-strength adhesive will stick to all surfaces. Beware it could peel paint on old/poorly painted surfaces.
  • Cut to any shape.
  • 0.79″ min. 6″ max. size.
  • Suitable for outdoor use.
  • Resistant to scratches & water, oils & sunlight.
  • No limit on the number of colors used.

Materials we print on

  • Materials.heavy-dutyimageAltText Heavy duty vinyl

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