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Eco-friendly silver sticker samples 🌱

Order 10 stickers with free shipping. Looks and feels like a shiny plastic sticker but is compostable.

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Shimmers & shines
Shimmers & shines
Eco Friendly
Eco Friendly
Scratch Proof
Scratch Proof
Free design proofs
Free design proofs
Our Guarantee
Our Guarantee

Eco-friendly silver stickers highlights

  • Get 10 individual samples for $9. Free shipping.

  • Compostable, which makes it a better option for the environment.

  • Mirror silver film creates incredible metallic effects.

  • Digitally cut to any shape.

  • No limit on the colors used, including white ink.

  • Best suited for indoor use.

  • missing in graphql fragment

  • Resistant to scratches & splashproof.

  • Medium strength adhesive will stick to most surfaces.

  • 23.6" x 23.6" max sheet size.

  • Not suitable for the dishwasher.


verified reviews


1st October 2022

Poor quality. Overpriced. Customer service basically non-existent.


27th September 2022

Good quality, beware of white ink being a bit "transparent" this was not unexpected to us.

Cameron Meerdink

26th September 2022

These stickers are great - stick well, come off my pottery with only a little effort once they are no longer needed, and perfect graphics.


22nd September 2022

Great colour matching and very pleased with product quality


What is an eco-friendly silver sticker?

What is an eco-friendly silver sticker?

  1. Printed on a metallised film that is compostable 

  2. Cut to any shape you require

  3. Individually cut, not on sheets

  4. Gloss finish

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