Clear sticker samples

Order 10 custom stickers for $9. Free shipping.
Printed on highly transparent vinyl and individually cut.
HeaderSection.keyFeature.altTextPrefix High Transparency
High Transparency
HeaderSection.keyFeature.altTextPrefix Waterproof
HeaderSection.keyFeature.altTextPrefix Won't fade
Won't fade
HeaderSection.keyFeature.altTextPrefix Write on it
Write on it

Highlights of clear sticker samples

  • Get 10 individual samples for $9 with free US shipping.
  • Near invisible transparent vinyl makes your design stand out.
  • No limit on the colors used, including white ink.
  • Suitable for outdoor use.
  • Resistant to scratches, water, and from fading in sunlight.
  • Gloss over-laminate protects the printed layer.
  • Medium-strength adhesive will stick to most surfaces.
  • Will not leave any residue after use.
  • Available in any shape.
  • 0.79″ min. 6″ max. size.

Material information

  • Materials.vinyl-clearimageAltText Clear vinyl

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