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What is an eco-friendly sticker?

Eco-friendly stickers might look and feel like plastic, but they are 100% compostable and environmentally friendly custom stickers. A great, plastic-free alternative to standard stickers that is available in a wide range of colours including metallic materials! You can find the entire range under sustainable stickers.

In thus article, we will cover everything there is to know about these sticky beauties. We will deep dive into what they are made of, when to use them, and how they are different from vinyl stickers. Are you ready? Then let’s go.

Eco friendly sticker applied to glass vodka bottle next to long drink glass filled with a cocktail

Environmentally friendly stickers are stickers that do not harm the environment in any way, from depleting resources to polluting the air, water or land.

Our environmentally friendly stickers are therefore made from all-natural materials that are sustainably sourced, making these stickers compostable as well as eco-friendly.

Compostable means that you do not need fancy recycling machines to dispose of these stickers. You can simply put them in your food waste bin or at-home compost.

Environmentally friendly stickers are not only made of natural, sustainable materials, but they also have to be manufactured in a way that does not harm the environment.

To print your stickers, we use a carbon-neutral printer and a UV-cured ink that is vegan.

Both the ink and the biodegradable pressure-sensitive adhesive we use do not interfere with the decomposition process of your stickers.

We then package your stickers in eco-friendly packaging, including biodegradable "plastic" bags and compostable cardboard boxes and letters with our very own biodegradable stickers.

What are eco-friendly stickers made from?

Eco-friendly stickers are made from sustainably sourced wood pulp. Wood pulp consists of cellulose fibers that are bleached or washed, depending on their end-use.

An unbleached wood pulp mix might be used for brown cardboard packaging, whereas we use a white and clear wood pulp material for our eco-friendly stickers. The British Wood Pulp Association has much more information for you if you are interested.

We mainly use wood pulp because it is sustainable and natural, which makes our eco-friendly stickers compostable. You can simply put them in your food waste bin or compost them at home, where they will decompose within 12 weeks. We also use UV-cured ink that will not interfere with this process.

Round red eco-friendly sticker with go hack yourself design applied to a stainless steel water bottle

Are eco-friendly stickers glossy?

They are. We laminate eco-friendly stickers with a glossy protective film that makes them scratch-resistant and stops them from fading in the sun.

The laminate is biodegradable and will not interfere with the compostability of your stickers.

We love a glossy finish as it makes your stickers look of higher quality. We recommend using a glossy laminate especially for clear stickers to give them ultimate transparency.

How to use eco-friendly stickers

Our eco-friendly stickers are laminated with a glossy protective coating, making them ideal for up to 6 months of outdoor use. But there are plenty more ways you can use eco-friendly stickers, like:

  • Product labelling for eco-conscious brands

  • Sustainable logo stickers to giveaway

  • Compostable packaging seals

  • Branding shop or car windows with eco-friendly front adhesive stickers

  • Labelling drinks and beverage bottles of all kinds

  • Sleek, minimalist branding of high-end products

Eco-friendly stickers vs vinyl stickers

We often say the eco-friendly stickers feel and perform similarly to vinyl stickers, but there are some differences.

When you think of traditional stickers, you will most likely think of plastic stickers. However, there are different types of plastic materials which different properties and impacts on the environment.

We aim to avoid traditional PVC plastic as much as possible. Instead, our vinyl sticker range is made from polypropylene, a plastic material that can be recycled widely. This means that our vinyl stickers are recyclable.

While you can use our eco-friendly stickers around water (they are splashproof only, you can find out more about which stickers and labels are waterproof here), we recommend opting for a waterproof vinyl sticker when you are looking for stickers that are dishwasher safe or can last longer than 6 months outdoors.

Round clear eco friendly stickers with munch design applied to brown paper coffee cups

What other environmentally friendly stickers do you offer?

Besides our eco-friendly sticker range, we offer biodegradable stickers that are made from uncoated paper.

But these are not just any recycled paper stickers. They are made from a wood-free mix of sugarcane fiber, linen and hemp, which makes these paper stickers thicker and more textured than standard options.

These stickers are just as compostable as eco-friendly stickers, but as they are made from paper, they are not waterproof.

You can also get our entire sustainable sticker range printed onto custom sticker sheets, which makes product labeling much easier.

Square biodegradable paper sticker applied to a white candle jar

Are you ready for your own eco-friendly stickers? If you are not sure yet, order a custom sample right here. This is the perfect way to explore your options before committing to a bigger order. You can also ask our experts anything you need to know about our eco-friendly sticker range.