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What is a holographic sticker?

Holographic stickers are vinyl stickers that have a rainbow-like, holographic effect.They belong to the so-called effect stickers. These have all the advantages of vinyl stickers, yet their rainbow effect gives them some extra pizazz. This makes a holographic sticker perfect if you are looking for that extra touch of luxury.

Want to find out more about what holographic stickers are, how to use them and what to look out for? Then read on.

What is a holographic sticker called?

When you are looking for holographic stickers, you will come across a whole host of terms: iridescent stickers, holograms, holographic stickers, and metallic stickers.

Yet all of them refer to the same: stickers with an eye-catching rainbow effect. This effect becomes most apparent when your stickers catch the light. You can see different examples of them below.

Be careful: Do not mistake holographic stickers for glitter stickers. These are a whole different kind of sparkle.

Die cut holographic sticker with pizza astronaut design hand held

How are holographic stickers made?

Holographic stickers are made from scratch as you order them. They are then printed, laminated and cut within four working days.

We use the latest printing technology to create stunning colors on the printed rainbow material and can create any shape you can think of: from traditional shapes like square and round to custom shapes like die-cut and kiss cuts.

If you want die cut holographic stickers, you can either order them through our holographic stickers page or head over to the die cut stickers page and select the holographic material. You can do the same on the kiss cut page.

Are you struggling to decide? Then read our blog post on what is the difference between kiss cut and die cut stickers.

But the most important part of the manufacturing process is the holographic vinyl.

Die cut holographic stickers applied to honey jars

What is holographic vinyl?

Holographic stickers are printed onto a vinyl base with an iridescent effect. This means that your holographic stickers are made from plastic, which makes them tearproof and durable.

The holographic vinyl can be used to create stunning effects once printed on.

  • When we print directly onto the rainbow material, it results in metal-like colors. You can simply think of this as a tinted version of a holographic sticker.

  • If you want only certain parts of your design to appear metallic, or you simply want to create opaque colors, we print white ink between the holographic material and your chosen color. This will dilute the metallic effect.

On top of that, we apply a thin layer of our clear laminate over your printed stickers. This protects your holographic sticker from fading in the sun, and makes them scratch-resistant and waterproof – perfect for outdoor use.

How to use holographic stickers

Holographic stickers can be used to elevate the perception of your business, add some visual interest to your logo stickers, engage your community or to simply have fun.

Our favorite way to use them is as part of high-end, luxurious product packaging. Their thickness and metallic look can improve the look of any product packaging – without breaking the bank.

Just have a look at the picture below. A simple cardboard box suddenly becomes an absolute eye-catcher. All thanks to a simple holographic sticker.

Rounded corner holographic sticker with victoria west logo applied to cardboard soap boxes

Can I have holographic sticker sheets?

Absolutely. Our custom labels are available in different materials, including holographic vinyl.

You can simply browse our custom labels or have a look at our sticker sheets here.

We recommend using sticker sheets over individually cut stickers when you are looking to brand your product in-house. Through the added border, these labels are much quicker to peel, which can save you valuable time.

Circle holographic sheet labels applied to an amber jar with beard oil