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The top 3 ways to use die cut stickers for your business

Die cut stickers are one of the most popular sticker options. Are you wondering why?What makes them special? Can you even apply them to your marketing and branding? And if so, how exactly is that going to work?

We are here to answer all these questions and more. After reading this article, you will be a die cut sticker expert and ready to put them to action.

Before we jump in, let us quickly break down what die cut stickers are and why they can be perfect for your business.

Holographic die cut sticker with logo applied to a blue phone

What are die cut stickers?

You can probably picture the product if you hear terms like clear stickers or holographic stickers. However, die cut sticker sounds somewhat ambiguous.

That is because “die cut” does not refer to a specific material. Instead, it describes the way a sticker is cut.

We cut a die cut sticker around the shape of your design. This can be any shape you can imagine. Essentially, a die cut sticker is a custom-shaped sticker.

The name stems from the metal dies used for this type of cutting. Nowadays, this process happens with digitally-controlled cutters that can create any shape, fast and easy. Find out more about this in our blog post "What is a die cut sticker?"

If you want to make your own die cut stickers, a cutting tool like the Cricut machine is worth investing in. This is much easier than getting the scissors out.

If you want it even easier, head over to the die cut stickers page and let us do the work.

Why should I use die cut stickers?

“Because they work” might sound lazy, but what can we say? They do!

Look at companies like Vans. They have been using die cut stickers as part of their marketing for decades. The unique shape of their “Vans Off The Wall” logo makes the brand stand out. Stickers also speak to their target audience and the wider skating culture.

The same applies to tech-giant Apple. The shape of their logo represents the core values of the brand. All it takes is a die cut sticker to evoke these associations.

So why not use these success stories as blueprints for your campaigns?

The top ways to use die cut stickers

Die cut stickers are a versatile and functional marketing tool that lasts.

What differentiates them from other sticker products is their unique shape. Our tips will help you use that feature to your advantage, no matter the industry you work in or the size of your budget.

Time to dive into our top three ways to use die cut stickers.

1. Multi-level branding

Stickers are made to be seen and shared. This alone renders them the perfect marketing tool.

You can use them for many purposes like product branding, premium packaging, security seals, and price tags. All of these are related to your product, which is excellent.

But why not widen the envelope and use your die cut stickers to generate visibility for your business?

We have an entire article dedicated to the science of branding if you want to learn more.

But for now, think of delivery services like Getir or Deliveroo. They brand their vehicle fleets to generate visibility at a minimal cost. As their employees cruise through busy city centers, eye-catching stickers draw in potential new customers.

There are no limits to this trick. You simply have to think about your target group. For delivery services, these are likely urban professionals who frequently spend time downtown.

This might look entirely different for your market. Identify where you are likely to find your target audience and get sticking.

Die cut stickers are ideal for this because they allow you to cater to any space, no matter the size or shape.

2. Out-of-the-box business cards

It is time to show B2B some love. You might speak to customers, suppliers, or even potential investors, depending on your industry.

Or maybe you have a few business and networking events lined up for 2022? These commitments take up time and energy. The last thing you want is to be forgotten as soon as people leave the event.

This is your chance to not just be another business, but to leave an impression that lasts (no, not one that sticks. There are limits to that pun).

Instead of being the seventeenth business card of the day, be the first sticker.

Create a stand-out design with all the information needed, but keep it colorful and entertaining. If designing isn’t your area of expertise, check out our free design tool.

Give your sticker a unique shape, so it will physically stick out from the stack of rectangles.

Die cut white vinyl sticker white TGIP design applied to a cardboard food box

3. Gifts and giveaways

There is another trick to handing out free stickers. It is quite a big trick. Do you want to hear it? Okay, but use it wisely.

Stickers blur the boundaries of marketing. When given a free sticker, we do not discard it as advertising. Instead, we tend to be thankful because we see it as a gift.

This is one of the most potent ways to use die cut stickers for your business. And one that is rooted in a psychological concept called the reciprocity principle.

Two things happen when we invest in gift-giving:

  • The relationship between the two parties improves.

  • The receiver feels “indebted” even if they did not ask for the gift in the first place.

Customer lifetime value boils down to the relationship they have with a brand. The more perceived value a business adds, the more likely they are to purchase.

The feeling of indebtedness can sound a little manipulative. But it only describes that we want to return the favor once we have received a gift. In a business context, this can increase your sales or positive word-of-mouth advertising.

If this does not convince you, look at the cosmetics brand Glossier. Their free stickers are so popular that they put an FAQ about them on their website.


Die cut stickers are true marketing powerhouses. Whether you want to use them for your branding, to hand out at business events, or as gifts to all customers, they will boost your brand awareness.

Here are the key points to keep in mind when it comes to die cut stickers:

  • Die cut refers to the way the sticker is cut around the shape of your design

  • If you are looking for a custom shape, die cut stickers are the product for you

  • Die cut stickers can consist of your material of choice

  • Make use of their unique shape and stand out

  • Don’t forget: everybody loves stickers

If you want to dive deeper into the world of printed stickers, we have the perfect read for you here. Or are you done reading and ready to act? Then head straight over to the die cut stickers page.