Sitting down with Bearmach to talk stickers

We sat down with regular customers Bearmach to ask them why they chose us to fulfill their custom sticker needs.

Bearmach sells parts for Land Rovers at competitive prices, selling over 330,000 parts per month to more than 140 countries. This makes them one of the largest online parts and accessories sellers suitable for all Land Rover vehicles worldwide.

Given the rough-and-ready nature of Land Rover, Bearmach needs stickers that live up to the rugged brand that is the lifeblood of their business.

Red Bearmach stickers on a window

Find out why they use Sticker it to order custom stickers:

How did you find out about Sticker it?

We were looking for a sticker company on Google. We decided that your site looked like the best fit to meet our needs regarding ease-of-use, quality products, and positive user feedback.

What did Sticker it have that the other suppliers you looked at didn’t?

Other suppliers were very flimsy with their selection of sticker materials.

We wanted something robust that could be stuck on a Land Rover and stay on throughout an off-roading event! Sticker it offers a great range of durable, scratch-resistant, weather-proof stickers that we are confident will do the job.

Was it easy to get what you needed from the website?

Yes, it’s so simple to order with a user-friendly interface. The ordering process was so simple. It took us minutes to complete our order with no fuss at all.

What happened once your order was placed?

We always want to see a proof before printing. Having this feature as standard is great to see. Seeing a cut line is very important to us to makes sure the stickers we create are consistent.

Once you confirmed your order how was the delivery for you?

Really good. We usually order our stickers 2-3 weeks before our sponsored events to have all our promotional material ready for posting. Sticker it was able to achieve this for us comfortably with no trouble. We are now always 1-2 weeks ahead of schedule with rapid lead times.

When your stickers arrived were they packaged well and what you were looking for?

The stickers were packaged perfectly for our needs, with easy-to-open, recyclable packaging that wasn’t too bulky but protected the stickers well.

Would you order again from Sticker it and recommend to a friend?

Absolutely! The stickers we get are very high quality, printed in the UK, and look fantastic at events. We are already looking at other types of stickers and designs for the rest of 2019’s events.

Circle Bearmach sticker with green on a sand colored vehicle

Bearmach’s stickers of choice:

Circular stickers

Circle stickers are the best choice for quick and easy logo promotion, which is why they’re Bearmach’s go-to choice. They’ll stick to anything – even bits of Landrover! They are super durable with vibrant colors.

Kiss cut stickers

You can make all kinds of interesting shapes with our custom kiss cut stickers. That’s because they’re cut only through the vinyl – it makes them easy to peel.