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Clear stickers: What they are and how to use them

Clear stickers, transparent stickers, see-through stickers, translucent stickers – many terms that all refer to the same thing.

And in this article, you will find everything you need to know about that thing: clear stickers.

What even are they? Why should you use them? How are they printed? And is there anything you need to keep in mind?

So, let’s put on some Johnny Nash and hope that you can see clearly after reading all about clear stickers.

Oval clear sticker applied to a cardboard box filled with cookies stating you've got great taste

What are clear stickers?

No matter what you call them, all of these terms refer to a sticker that is printed on see-through vinyl.

Remember our article about die cut stickers? We said that the term die cut refers to how a sticker is cut and has nothing to do with the material.

Now, we can turn this around: a clear/transparent/see-through sticker will always be printed on clear vinyl.

Traditionally, stickers are back adhesive. That means the sticky side is on the back of the sticker. When it comes to clear stickers, you might be after a sticker that has the glue on top of your design.

These are called front adhesive stickers. They are perfect for applications inside windows. But more about that later.

Are clear stickers waterproof?

Yes, clear vinyl stickers are waterproof. Our clear stickers are laminated. This not only gives them a stunning gloss finish, but also protects them.

This means that your clear sticker will be water- and weatherproof, as well as scratch-resistant.

You can use them for indoor or outdoor purposes without worrying about weather conditions – your stickers will stay intact!

Rectangle clear labels applied to four spice jars filled with different spices

What makes these stickers special?

We love clear stickers. But to be fair, we are a little biased. So let’s focus on the hard facts.

Clear stickers are special because the see-through vinyl base gives you plenty of options to make your designs stand out. Here are some ways you can work with this material:

  • Include clear areas in your design and play with the see-through effect. All you have to do for that is leave the material as it is.

  • Create opaque colors on a clear base. This means that you can get your colors to look “normal” and vibrant despite the clear base. We will print white between the vinyl and your design to achieve that.

  • Print your colors directly onto the material to achieve a stained-glass effect. This is a stunning technique that will leave you with stand-out results.

Of course, you can easily incorporate all three ways in one design to get the most out of your clear stickers.

If you are wondering how to create a clear sticker design online for free, we have just what you are looking for. Head over to Graphic, our very own design tool. You can create a design from scratch or browse our library of templates and elements to find your perfect match.

What can I use clear stickers for?

Clear stickers can be used for a variety of purposes. Whether you need labels for your products, want to create unique window decals, or just add some extra branding power to your packaging – they can do it all.

So let us find out more.

1. Minimalist product packaging

One of the best things about clear stickers is that they are a great way to showcase your product in its simplest form.

By removing all distractions and leaving your product front and center, you create an elegant and minimalist look for your packaging.

Start by thinking about how your product can be connected to a minimalist aesthetic. Maybe it is free of preservatives? Or perhaps your service is precise and straight to the point?

Keep your design simple and streamlined, using clean lines and typography to create an elegant look. Make sure that your product is the star of the show, and use clear stickers to let it shine.

This is perfect for products that want to emphasize simplicity, efficiency, and beauty, or for stripped-back designs.

Clear eco friendly label round with baker bros logo applied to seal a sandwich wrapper

2. Labels for bottles and jars

Okay, clear stickers are see-through, right? D’uh. But think about what that means. You can see through your stickers while showing off your design.

This makes clear stickers perfect for branding beverage bottles, drinks, jam or honey jars, cosmetic jars, make-up, or anything else you want to be seen through your stickers.

A glimpse of your product is the best marketing strategy. With clear stickers, you can offer both: a branded experience and an authentic look at your product.

We have seen some great use cases where a clear vinyl sticker was used as a “window” that allows customers a peek inside. Pair it with a matching design (a computer screen if you are selling tech gadgets, or a squirrel to show off your artisan nut cereal) for the best effect.

It also means that you no longer have to worry about your brand colors. Instead, you can use clear stickers to let your original color shine through.

Rectangular clear label applied to a pink gin bottle next to a measuring cup and mint leaves

3. Window signage

Window signage means creating stickers that can be placed on a window. They are perfect for displaying branding or hours of operation on a shopfront window for businesses with a physical presence.

Clear stickers are clearly the best choice for this (see what we did there?). They enable you to show off your brand’s colors while still letting natural light shine through the sticker.

On top of that, the transparent nature of the sticker allows it to be seen from both inside and outside. Customers can easily see your shop’s information while still being able to peek through the window and spot your products.

This is where front adhesive stickers work brilliantly. They have the sticky bit on the front, on top of your design.

This means that you can apply them to the inside of your windows to be seen from the outside. A great way to keep your stickers protected from wind and weather.

Eco-friendly front adhesive rectangle sticker with cassandre cocktail bar logo applied to a window


Has the rain gone? We hope so. (If you have no idea what this means, you really should have double-checked the song reference in the beginning.) (Oh, and if you do, enjoy the song being stuck in your head for the rest of the week).

Clear stickers are special. They not only allow you to create stunning effects, but can help you in creating minimalist product packaging, labels for bottles and jars, or window signage – all while letting your product shine.

What are you waiting for? Get started on your next project today and visit our clear stickers page.

P.S.: Did you know that we also offer eco-friendly clear materials? These give you all the benefits of clear stickers, but they will decompose within weeks. Have a look at our eco-friendly clear stickers and check out the eco-friendly front adhesive version.