A guide to stickers for bikes

Customizable stickers for bikes are incredibly versatile and get used for all kinds of wonderfully creative uses. Here, we run you through ways to use our custom stickers to upgrade your bicycle.

Make a bike your own

Many bikes will come with branding, but there’s usually plenty of space to add your touch.

You can either stick over branding or apply new stickers after removing the old ones to make a bike feel more your own. Using our stickers, you can apply whatever artwork or logo you’d like. This is also a great way to help your children make their mark on a hand-me-down bicycle.

You can also use custom stickers to differentiate between bikes. Ideal for clubs or cases with many bicycles, it helps you find what you need quickly. With our custom printed stickers, you can make your bike stand out with whatever colors and designs you can dream up.


If you’re looking to get into biking as a serious hobbyist, you’ll want to learn all the parts of your bike until you know them like the back of your hand. They say you never forget how to ride a bike. Still, after a few months of riding your fully labeled bicycle, you’ll never forget how to put one together either!

Using stickers, you can custom print labels for your bike with which part is which and any other information you might need, like part numbers. Stick them on each component of your bike, and you’ll have them all memorized in no time.

Safety feature

As regular cyclists will know, you can never be too careful about being seen, especially at night.

When lighting is low, reflective gear helps you stand out, and lights help you find your way. But, we often overlook the bike when it comes to standing out.

You can change this with our ultra-bright fluorescent stickers. They are so vibrant, and you can have any design you can imagine.

For other options to make your bike stand out in the dark, check out our mirror silver and holographic stickers.

Accessory upgrades

You can get various accessories to improve your cycling experience. From turbo-trainers to the humble helmet, there’s plenty to help you have fun on 2 wheels.

Our custom printed stickers will stick to almost anything if you want to make sure all your kit stands out. If you’re struggling to get your child to wear their helmet, why not customize it, so it appeals more to their sense of adventure?

Biking brand awareness

Whether you make clothing, pedals, gear trains, turbo trainers, brakes, forks, wheels, tires, pumps, repair kits, lights, inner tubes, cycle shoes, or any other item for cycling, giving out branded stickers with your products increases your brand exposure.

Why not give it a try?


If you race a lot in triathlons or sportives, you’ll find that you want to be able to identify your gear when getting ready quickly.

Custom stickers are great for this purpose as you can print any eye-catching design imaginable.

You get to have lots of fun using stickers to make biking a more personalized experience.

Temple Cycles

If you want to see how you can effectively brand or personalize your bike using stickers, check out Temple Cycles.

They hand-build beautiful, light-weight bicycles which last, using Reynolds steel. They’re great for; country, touring, and city riding, with each bike, made to order to your specifications.

Perhaps this love for customization led them to use Sticker it for all of their sticker needs!