Hey, we’re Sticker it


We exist to inspire creativity in brands across the world.

We do this by working tirelessly to create the world’s best custom products of the highest quality.

Alongside this, we aim to have the most enjoyable shopping experience, so these products are accessible to everyone, at reasonable prices.

We are continually pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved. We’re launching new products created with novel manufacturing methods to increase quality, speed & have fewer limitations to widen the creative envelope.

Our story

Our journey starts in 2007 when Sticker it’s sister brand, Kartdavid, was founded by two brothers; Michael and David Rubie-Todd when they were just 19 & 17 years old.

They both started kart racing in the ’90s and grew up with a love of motorsport.

A love of design and wanting to push the boundaries of the colors & effects used by brands in karting was the catalyst for Kartdavid to be born. It was their way of unleashing their creativity into the world of motorsport.

Until then, no one had custom stickers for their kart – Kartdavid brought this to the industry. Over time, they started to supply world-championship winning teams globally. Fast-forward 14+ years, and Kartdavid is the world’s largest supplier of custom graphics to the karting world, working with the best brands in motorsport.

Here are some examples of what they do:

From this experience Sticker it was launched in 2018.

Why? The team worked with more businesses outside of motorsport and realized they were explaining what was possible because they had developed unique colors and technology for the motorsport market.

They had brought together; a wide choice (in materials and colors). They had also made it easy to make the right choice through a simple shopping experience and provided great information to make informed decisions.

We love making beautiful products every single day. We aim to inspire our customers to create and build the brands we love and interact with daily.

We’re building a team of; designers who work with our customers to bring their creations to life. Marketers to communicate how we can help. Production artists who bring our clients’ ideas to reality. Software developers who push the boundaries of customer experience, and engineers who create solutions to never-solved before manufacturing automation. We’re on a journey to deliver the world’s best custom products.

Since launching Sticker it, we have grown over 280% year on year, and this is showing no signs of slowing.

We’re only just getting started on our journey. We hope you love what we do, and it inspires you to unleash your inner creativity.

Brands from across the world who trust us

Logos of brands we work with at Sticker it

Meet the founders

3 founders of Sticker it; David James and Michael

A serial entrepreneur, a graphic designer, and a can-do attitude summarise co-founders David & Michael Rubie-Todd and James McCabe. They lead our incredible team, who are the driving force behind everything we do.

Want to join our team?

If our purpose and story resonate with you, we’re looking for passionate, humble, and hardworking people who share our desire to create beautiful products to join us.

Company information

Sticker it is a trading name of Kartdavid Limited.

Registered office: Stonehaven, Breach Hill Common, Chew Stoke, Bristol BS40 8YG, United Kingdom

Company number: 08234971

VAT registration number: GB 995280966