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Will my size change during proofing?

Yes, it can do, but very occasionally. We make it very clear if your dimensions change & you get the chance to change it.

It usually only changes for 2 reasons. They are:

  1. We change your sticker in one dimension to maintain the aspect ratio, so your artwork doesn't distort. For example, if you have selected 3x5cm stickers, but your artwork is 3cm x 5.2cm when scaled without losing its aspect ratio, this will be the final size.

  2. You've ordered a transfer sticker and, due to manufacturing limitations, we've had to increase the side. Read more on the limitations here.

You can request changes if you'd like the size changed.

To ensure you still get good value, we will either change the number of stickers in your order to match the original price or refund you the difference if you require less. It's up to you.