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Why get kiss cut stickers: The advantages

Kiss cut stickers, die cut stickers, custom stickers, custom cut sticker, custom shaped stickers - how are you meant to decide?

In this article, we will help you with just that. Below, you will find everything you need to know about custom kiss cut stickers, their advantages and when to use them.

After reading this, you will know exactly if kiss cut stickers are the right fit for you. So read on and find out.

Stacks of kiss cut stickers on a table

Remind me, what are kiss cut stickers?

Kiss cut stickers can be cut to any shape. However, they are only cut through the vinyl layer while the paper backing stays intact.

This means there will be two parts to your sticker: a material border and the peelable element that can be cut in the exact shape of your sticker design.

Have a look at the image below for a visual representation of what custom kiss cut stickers can look like.

The top benefits of kiss cut over die-cut stickers

When they are peeled, die cut stickers and kiss cut stickers look exactly the same. Now, you might wonder: if both, die cut and kiss cut sticker types can be cut in a custom shape, what is the difference between kiss cut and die cut stickers?

The difference is that die cut stickers are cut along the edge of your design through the sticker material and the paper backing. A die cut sticker will have the shape of your designs. If you want to learn more about the difference between kiss cut and die cut stickers, click here

But when should you choose kiss cut over die cut stickers?

Kiss cut stickers are easy to peel

Kiss cutting means that the backing paper of your stickers remains intact.

That means your kiss cut stickers come with extra backing material, which creates an added border around your custom cut stickers.

This allows for easy peeling of your stickers, which can save you valuable time when applying your stickers. It can also make for a better customer experience when you hand out or sell your kiss cut stickers.

The border allows for extra branding

But the added border is not just functional. Instead, you can use it to optimise your branding.

When you design your kiss cut stickers, be sure to include a design to be printed onto the kiss cut border.

This allows you to sneak in some extra marketing messages, but also means that consumers, prospects or customers can peel your stickers and only use your design to decorate their devices and belongings.

Peeled white vinyl kiss cut sticker with hamster design applied to a cardboard food box

Kiss-cut stickers are the perfect handout at events

And that is exactly why kiss cut stickers are ideal for handouts at events, in your shop or anywhere else you can think of.

Include your logo and business information on your stickers and start giving them to customers any chance you get.

Through the added backing paper, they will not only appear premium but also give your customers the best possible experience.

Take advantage of a wide range of materials available

As with die cut stickers, kiss cut stickers can be printed on any sticker material we offer.

This gives you ultimate creative freedom and control over what your final stickers will look like. You can create completely different looks for your stickers depending on the material you choose.

If you are not sure what material would be best for you, head over to our materials page and check out the data sheets attached to each material option.

The best all-rounder sticker option is our vinyl-based material. These are waterproof and scratch-resistant, which means you can use them indoors and outdoors for up to three years.

And now it is time to get your custom kiss cut sticker order in! Head over to the kiss cut stickers page to find out more and get inspired.

If you are looking to order numerous stickers for labelling your products, have a look at our sticker sheets. These combine the advantages of kiss cut stickers with bulk orders.

Do you want to create a custom design in minutes? Then Graphic, our free online design tool, is just for you. Edit pre-designer templates and elements in minutes to create your perfect sticker.

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