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What size do you order die cut stickers in?

The beauty of custom die cut stickers is that you are free to choose your perfect size. If you are not sure what this might be, we are here to help you.

You can either watch our ultimate guide on sticker sizing or read more right.

How big is a die cut sticker?

There is no standard size for die cut stickers. However, you will find that we work with a certain size limit. The smallest sticker we can offer is a 2x2 cm sticker, whereas the largest size is 70x70 cm.

Within this range, we cover almost all use cases and are sure that will find your ideal size.

This size depends on the dimensions of your own artwork, the custom shape of your die cut stickers and your intended use.

What size die cut sticker should I order?

There might be no such thing as a "right size", but there is an ideal size depending on how you want to use your stickers.

Finding your ideal sticker size depends on two factors:

  • where you want to stick your sticker design

  • how much space you have to display your die cuts

So, let's explore your options.

Die cut holographic stickers applied to honey jars

When to order small stickers

Let's start with our smallest option: 2x2 cm stickers. These stickers are great if you are after small logo stickers to elevate your product packaging. When you choose small stickers, make sure to order them on sticker sheets. It makes peeling them a lot easier. 

The golden rule for creating small stickers is not to overcrowd them. 2x2 cms do not give you much to work with. Opt for a minimalist design to achieve the best results at such a small size.

Remember that a 2x2 cm sticker is about the same size as a 50p coin. This is why we generally recommend going for a traditional shape when choosing these small stickers.

Often times we are tempted by the low cost of such small stickers. However, this rarely ends well, and we find customers often pick larger sizes.

The most popular size

This brings us to our most popular range of sizes: die cut stickers between 5 and 10 cm can be used for a multitude of purposes. And it is the perfect range to show off the custom shape of your die cut stickers.

This is the ideal size for business as well as personal use. They work amazingly as promotional logo stickers for your company, packaging seals for your shipping boxes, or decorative mug stickers and laptop stickers.

You can even get the same design printed within different aspect ratios and use them as coherent branding materials and custom labels.

This GIF shows off this range perfectly!

A size comparison of different sticker designs compared to a laptop

Larger options

Our sticker range goes up to 70x70 cm - that is quite a large sticker.

Larger sizes are ideal for promotional stickers that need to be seen in busy spaces or from a distance.

We recommend using such sticker sizes as window stickers for signage or car stickers to brand your vehicle fleets.

As mentioned above, your ideal size depends on the area you want to fill. A 12x12 cm sticker can easily get lost on a truck, whereas a 30x30 cm car window sticker can pose a security hazard.

If you want to learn more about the best uses for die cut stickers, read our article "What are die cut stickers used for?"

Looking for custom die cut stickers?

What do you think? Are you ready to put our high-quality custom stickers to the test?

Check out our die cut stickers range and explore your options from our most popular white vinyl material to stunning metallic effects.

We offer plenty of customization options, and you can even create and customize your own design with Graphic, our free online design tool.

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