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What's the difference between die cut and regular stickers?

In the world of custom stickers, there is no such thing as a regular sticker. You are in full control over every aspect from a custom design, to the material and shape of your stickers.

When you think of regular stickers, you might think of a traditional shape like rounded corners, square, round or rectangular. These different sticker shapes are great options.

However, if you are after a custom cut, die cut stickers are ideal for you. The main difference is that die cut stickers are cut in the exact shape of your design. The more delicate designs you choose, the more detailed the cut will be.

Read on if you want to learn more about the differences between custom die cut stickers and other sticker options.

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Are die cut stickers more expensive?

You might think that die cut stickers are more expensive than regular stickers because of their intricate cut line. That is not the case.

Our prices depend on the material used for your stickers, not the time it takes to cut or print them.

The prices of your die cut stickers can vary based on the materials you select. You can find a breakdown of each material option by using the live pricing calculator on the die cut stickers page.

When to get a die cut sticker

Die cut stickers are incredibly versatile and there are thousands of ways you can make them work for your business.

With their unique shape, they can add interest to your product's packaging, function as custom packaging seals or custom shaped logo stickers for your brand.

Find out more by reading our post on the top 3 ways to use die cut stickers for your business.

Die cut vs kiss cut stickers

Just like die cut stickers, kiss cut stickers are cut in the shape of the design.

However, where die cut stickers are cut through the vinyl and paper backing, a kiss cut sticker is only cut through the material layer, leaving the backing material intact.

This might sound a little complicated, but below you can find a few examples that will illustrate the difference. We also have an entire blog post dedicated to the question of what is the difference between die cut and kiss cut stickers right here.

When to get a kiss cut sticker

Since the backing paper stays intact when you order a kiss cut sticker, they are easier to peel than die cut stickers. This makes them perfect for branded giveaways. Why not include a custom kiss cut sticker with every order?

The beauty of kiss cut stickers is that you can benefit from all the advantages of a die cut sticker plus a bit of extra material. You can use the excess backing paper to include your business information or even a QR code that directs consumers to your website.

What are die cut labels?

To complete the die cut universe, we have a look at custom die cut labels as well.

When they are applied, die cut stickers and die cut labels look exactly the same - nobody would notice a difference. But when you are ordering your die cuts online, it is a difference worth knowing about.

Die cut stickers are individually cut in the shape of your design. Die cut labels also have a custom shape, but they arrive on a sticker sheet. This is usually an A4 sheet you can then peel your individual labels off of.

This can be a real time saver. We find that when you order labels, you can easily peel them and are around 65% faster - ideal when you have to brand hundreds of products at once.

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