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What is the difference between eco-friendly and biodegradable stickers?

The main difference between eco-friendly stickers and biodegradable stickers is the material they are made from. Unlike traditional plastic stickers, environmentally friendly stickers do not leave a mark on the environment. Eco-friendly stickers are from a bio-plastic, whereas biodegradable stickers consist of wood-free paper.

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Eco-friendly stickers

Our eco-friendly stickers consist of sustainably sourced wood pulp. This is a renewable resource that you can learn more about by visiting the British Wood Pulp Association.

The wood pulp-based material can then be used to create eco-friendly white as well as eco-friendly clear stickers, which feel and behave like plastic, but are completely compostable, making these stickers eco-friendly.

We also laminate this material with a biodegradable film, which makes these stickers water-resistant and allows you to use them outdoors for up to six months.

If you are looking to brand your product range with this material, we recommend opting for eco-friendly labels over stickers, as they are much easier to peel.

Biodegradable paper stickers

As the name suggests, biodegradable paper stickers are made of paper rather than bio plastics. But this is not just any ordinary paper. We use a completely a mix of sugarcane, linen and hemp to make these stickers biodegradable.

Sugarcane is a by-product of the sugar production and can be reclaimed by turning it into paper. This makes our stickers much thicker than standard recycled paper stickers.

We love using this material for anything from logo stickers to branding and even as decorative stickers. Again, if you want to brand your product, choose biodegradable labels rather than stickers.

Die cut biodegradable paper stickers applied to a cardboard box filled with lavender soap

Are both environmentally friendly stickers?

Yes, both options are made from natural materials, which makes these stickers compostable.

We use a biodegradable adhesive and vegan, UV cured inks on both materials, which means that you can put your eco-friendly and biodegradable paper stickers into your standard food waste bin. They will then take around 12 weeks to completely compose.

Are you ready to give them a try? Then check out our sustainable sticker options and do not forget about our compostable labels which are all shipped in sustainable packaging.

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