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What is Graphic, by Sticker it?

Graphic is an online design tool for creating and instantly proofing designs for custom stickers & labels. It allows you to bring your ideas to life, even if you have no design skills.

How easy is it?

Creating an outstanding design takes only a few minutes. There are hundreds of pre-made templates you can use, totally free, to help create beautiful stickers, quickly. 

Or, if you'd like to create your sticker from scratch that's possible. We have elements you can use to create your sticker, and there are easy to use tools to add text, change colours, shape and much more.  

What can I create?

You can create almost anything. The most popular uses for Graphic are to create personalised names labels, wedding stickers, drinks bottle labels and window stickers, to name just a few.  

How do I get started?

The online design tool is super intuitive to use, so it's easy to dive straight in and have a go. You can even get just a few stickers to see how they look & if you like more, go back for more! 

Click here to get started by searching for templates.