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What is digital die cutting?

Digital die cutting describes the process of cutting your custom die cut stickers with a digitally controlled blade.

It combines traditional die cutting processes with digital advancements. It allows us to create intricate custom shapes in minutes and cater to small and larger orders.

Before we print your stickers, you can check the shape of your stickers in your digital design proof. The magenta line you can see around your artwork represents the cut line along which your stickers will be cut.

But how will they be cut? Read on to find out more.

What is die cutting?

Die cutting machines vary. Especially in modern days, many industries move from a manual machine to digitally operated cutters.

Traditionally, the die cutting process uses a sharp metal blade to punch the shape of your stickers. Think of these dies like large cookie cutters that are custom-made for every order.

The die is simply made to fit the desired shape of your sticker. Once it has been formed, large quantities of material can be cut quickly and the die can be used for future print runs.

This makes die cutting particularly cost-efficient for large orders or a variety of materials that need to be cut in a similar shape.

However, since each die has to be custom-made, this type of cutting can become expensive if you are looking for a smaller amount of custom stickers.

What is digital cutting?

Digital cutters no longer need metal or steel dies made from scratch. Instead, they operate with a digitally controlled blade.

A laser locates the registration dots on your stickers and directs the cutting blade across the magenta cut line indicated on your design proof.

Through this, digital die cutting machines can create intricate shapes quickly without having to create custom dies. This also means that you do not have to pay a setup free as no tools have to be created to cut your stickers.

Digital machines allow the user to have more control over the cutting depth, which means that the same digital cutter can be used for kiss cutting.

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Can you make die cuts without a machine?

You do not need a die cutting machine to create die cut stickers. Especially if you are after basic shapes, you can find pre-cut sticker sheets you can simply print onto.

However, if you want a perfectly cut shape or want to make die cut stickers for larger projects, you might find cutting your stickers manually very time-consuming.

You can invest in your own digital die cutting machine. The most common digital die cutters are the Silhouettes and ProvoCrafts Cricut models. With such a Cricut maker, you can create your die cut shapes with a software on your computer or smartphone.

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Does this sound like too much hassle? Then digital die cutting services might be just what you are looking for. You can lean back while we produce the highest quality die cuts for you.

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