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What are die cut stickers made of?

The short answer is anything!

Die cut stickers can be made out of any material because the term 'die-cut' refers to how a sticker gets cut, rather than what the material it's made of.

Definition: what exactly is a die-cut sticker

When a sticker is die-cut, it's cut to the shape of your sticker design - usually a custom shape.

A die cut sticker looks like this:

Die cut white vinyl sticker with don't panic design applied to a black laptop

Or this:

Three die cut glitter stickers applied to different honey jars on a wooden board

Read all about die cut stickers, and where the term originated in our blog, What is a die-cut sticker?

What are custom die cut stickers made from?

There are three main types of material you can get die cut stickers made of. They are; plastic, paper, and eco-friendly materials.

The most common options are either paper-based or plastic-based materials. Each of these options comes with its own advantages, which we will cover a little later.

You can go custom and choose your ideal material by browsing our options on our materials page.

If you keep coming across the term vinyl, PVC, PP or others, then we can help clear the confusion.

Plastic die-cut stickers

Plastic die cut stickers are our most popular option. They are also often referred to a die cut vinyl stickers.

They come in various colours including; whiteclearholographicglittersilver, and gold.

All of these plastic materials share very similar properties.

There are waterproof, will withstand going in the dishwasher, won’t fade in sunlight, and are generally very durable.

They also have a medium strength adhesive so will stick to almost any surface, making these plastic diecut stickers are perfect for general purpose stickers and labels.

As you may be aware, there are various types of plastic that are used to make stickers or labels.

Polypropylene is very popular as it's durable and easy to recycle. PVC (or vinyl stickers) are harder to recycle, however are slightly more flexible and arguably offer more durability.

Both materials create excellent labels that will avoid fading when outside, won't tear easily, are suitable for many uses and can be bought as a glossy or matte stickers.

Paper die-cut stickers

Paper die-cut stickers for custom shapes and stickers made from paper or paper like materials.

For example, we sell a biodegradable paper sticker that isn’t made from wood but is made from a sugarcane fibre by-product called bagasse. 

Paper stickers are perfect for short-term or indoor use. For low-cost and easy to recycle.

Here are a few examples.

Die cut eco-friendly stickers with recycling design applied to a cardboard envelope
Die cut biodegradable paper stickers applied to a cardboard box filled with lavender soap
Circle biodegradable paper sticker with thank you design applied to seal tissue paper
Biodegradable paper sticker with with spring valley design applied to a clear candle jar by the bogel company
Queen Street Deli biodegradable paper die cut stickers on food packaging

Eco-friendly die-cut sticker options

Environmentally friendly die cut stickers are much less common in the market. 

We use advanced materials made from wood pulp, from sustainable sources, that look and feel like a plastic material but are actually completely compostable.

Take a look for yourself:

Die cut eco-friendly logo sticker amidst coffee beans

These eco-friendly stickers have a gloss finish and could be cut to any shape, so make perfect die cut stickers.

We offer them in white or with a transparent background, perfect for labelling hundreds of products.

Frequently asked questions

Are die cut stickers made of PVC or paper?

They can be made of both. Die cut stickers describe how your sticker is cut, not which material it is made out of. 

When you order die cut stickers you can choose between plastic materials, paper-based materials or eco-friendly materials. But what is the difference? Our handy guide explains all the options in detail.

Are stickers made of PVC?

Some are, but very few of the stickers we sell are made from PVC.

The only stickers we sell that are made of PVC are our heavy duty stickers and our fluorescent stickers. This is because these are specialist materials, suited to the inherent properties offered by PVC polymers.

We tend to use PP (polypropylene) plastics for our stickers. PP is easier to recycle than PVCs and shrink less, so look beautiful for many months & even years.

What paper do you use for die cut stickers?

There is a wide range of sticker paper available. With our paper stickers, we want to give you not only a plastic alternative but a high-quality sustainable option. 

Our paper stickers are made from sugarcane fibre, linen and hemp and do not contain any wood. This not only makes them sustainable, but compostable as well. A great choice for eco-conscious brands. 

If you are after a transparent or more resistant sustainable sticker, have a look at our eco-friendly stickers. These are made from wood pulp and behave like plastic-based stickers. 

Do stickers leave sticky residue?

Most don't, but some can. It usually depends on 2 things;

  • The quality of the sticker & it's adhesive.

  • How long your sticker has been applied.

A high-quality die-cut sticker won't leave residue when you peel it away from the surface.

If you are finding some glue gets left behind, particularly around the edges, try using a little heat when peeling the sticker or label from its surface.

What are kiss cut stickers made of?

Kiss cut stickers can be made from any material, much the same as a die cut sticker.

A kiss cut sticker is similar to a die-cut sticker, in so far as the word 'kiss-cut' refers to how the sticker gets cut, rather than the material that it's made from.

Here are some images of die cut stickers vs kiss cut stickers, so you can see the difference:

A die-cut sticker in the left hand and a kiss-cut sticker in the right hand

Kiss-cutting refers to the way your stickers are cut. When a sticker gets cut through the top sticker layer only, not the extra backing you find on the rear, we refer to it as a kiss cut sticker. This paper backing is usually made from paper. Its sole purpose is to protect the adhesive and to make it easy to peel your label away.

Find out more about the difference between kiss cut and die cut stickers here.

Can I customize die-cut stickers?

Absolutely! That's what we're all about. Sticker it was born to make it easy for you to design and get custom die cut stickers.

You can get your logo, company mantra, explain your services or just share your brand on your custom stickers.

You don't even need any design skills. Simply use Graphic to create artwork in minutes. There are 1000s of free graphics and templates you can use to design professional-looking labels in minutes.

To get started, check out our personalised stickers.


Die cut stickers can be made of different materials, each with its own advantages.

The most popular options are paper and plastic. Paper stickers are a great sustainable option that are also compostable. Plastic stickers are waterproof and dishwasher safe.

Eco-friendly stickers are compostable in just months, a great way not harm the environment.

If you feel die-cut stickers are the best choice for you or your business, check out our die cut sticker page here.