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What are clear stickers?

Clear stickers are custom stickers that are printed onto a transparent vinyl material.

These are available in any shape or size and work perfectly for branding beverage bottles and product packaging, as well as logo stickers to hand out and much more.

Do you want to find out more about clear stickers? Then read on.

Rectangular clear eco friendly stickers applied to soap dispensers

What are clear stickers made from?

Clear stickers are made from a transparent, see-through material. This material is perfect for applying your stickers to glass or other clear surfaces, as it is almost invisible.

We can still print full and vibrant colours on this material, including white ink. When we print colour directly onto the clear material, it will result in a beautiful stained-glass effect. If you are after a completely opaque look, we can simply print white in between the material and your colour.

What are clear vinyl stickers?

We offer two different versions of clear stickers. One of them are clear vinyl stickers. These are made from an almost invisible vinyl material which is then laminated to give them a glossy finish.

This laminate protects your stickers from scratches, it makes them waterproof and prevents fading from sunlight. You can therefore use your clear vinyl stickers outdoors without worrying about their durability.

Are there sustainable clear stickers?

Are you looking for a sustainable clear sticker option? Then you will love our eco-friendly clear stickers. These are printed onto a material made from sustainable wood pulp, which makes them completely biodegradable.

While eco-friendly clear stickers are not as durable as their vinyl-based counterparts, they are just as transparent and of great quality.

Clear eco friendly sticker with a wedding announcement applied to a brown envelope

Can I get a clear die cut sticker?

Absolutely. You can get our clear stickers in any shape you can think of, including die cut. There are two ways to get clear die cut stickers

How do you use custom clear stickers?

Clear stickers are among the most versatile sticker options. Depending on the design you opt for, they can be used for anything from personal to business purposes.

Clear logo stickers are perfect if your business follows a minimalist aesthetic, or you want to communicate transparency and simplicity. This is the perfect message for supplements or cosmetics.

Of course, clear stickers and custom labels are perfect for products stored in see-through containers like bottles. With clear product stickers, customers can see the actual product through the packaging, which is the best way to promote your business.

On top of that, product labels and logo stickers create a professional appearance for your brand that can positively impact your sales.

And finally, you can use clear stickers to brand your physical shopfront (if you have one) or generate brand awareness by using them as car stickers. Stick them to your shop window or your car windows to make sure your brand is being seen. And even if you change your mind, you can easily remove your stickers as they do not leave any residue.

And now it is your turn. Are you ready for your own clear stickers? Or still looking for a design? Then head over to Graphic, our free online design tool with hundreds of templates for you to edit.

You can also upload your own artwork for us to make print-ready for you. You will then receive a design proof shortly. Once you are 100% happy, you can send your design to print.

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