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The advantages of sheet labels

The main advantage of getting labels on a sheet is speed - the speed of applying each sticker. All stickers are kiss-cut through the sticker layer but remain on the backing paper in a sheet form, making them super quick and really easy to remove.

If you are applying hundreds, or even thousands of stickers, getting them on sheets can save you valuable hours!

To demonstrate how important this is, we tested applying 1000, 3cm circle labels. It took 2 hours and 17 minutes when individually cut, whereas it took 48 minutes when on a sheet. That’s a saving of 1 hour and 29 minutes, or 65% - wow!

The second main benefit is storage & distribution. If you're a chain of restaurants or shops, distributing a few A4 sheets to each store is easier than counting individually cut stickers each time. They are also stored nice and flat, with the stickers' edges protected by the sheet's border, which keeps them looking perfect, even in busy environments where they may have a rough life before they get stuck.