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  • What is a die-cut sticker?

    A die-cut sticker is simply a sticker cut to any shape you want. It’s name come from the old-days when stickers use to be cut using die’s (hard, metal shapes that would stamp down over vinyl to cu...

  • Are your stickers good quality?

    Yes. We have been printing Stickers for over 10 years for the motorsport industry through our parent company Kartdavid (link to website). Kartdavid is the market leader in it’s industry and sells t...

  • How long will my stickers last?

    We use the highest quality, 70 micron polymeric calendared vinyl, printed on state of the art digital printers, with a 70 micron clear gloss, abrasion resistant over-laminate that will make your stick...

  • How do I apply my stickers?

    Very simply if you follow these instructions: 1. Clean the area you’re going to apply your sticker to (this is the most important part). Get it super clean by using an alcoholic cleaner.

  • Can I put my stickers in the washing machine?

    Only some of our materials are suitable for the washing machine. You can put our clear, gloss material in the washing machine. Our chrome and fluorescent materials won’t last. If you apply these mat...

  • Can I get samples?

    Yes, you can order a sample pack here It’s a great way to make sure you’re buying the correct sticker for your application.

  • What can I apply my sticker to?

    Pretty much anything! But a good rule to follow is that the smoother and cleaner the surface the better your adhesion will be. The best type of cleaner is an alcoholic based cleaner.

  • Are all stickers waterproof?

    Yes all of our stickers are made with a protective laminate which makes them completely waterproof

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