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  • How long will my order take to be shipped?

    Because all of our products are custom we make everything to order. We will ship your stickers within 5 days. The shipping time will vary depending on your delivery address.

  • Can I see what my stickers will look like before ordering?

    We will send you a design proof for you to approve when you order your stickers. We do ask for your payment information when you order but if you’re not happy with the designs we will continue to it...

  • Can I get a quote?

    We’ve developed a super easy-to-use online quoting tool to see how much your stickers will cost for any material, quantity and price. To use it click here.

  • Do you print in full colour?

    Yes, including white. We have the latest full-colour print technology to make your stickers look amazing. We print up to 8 colours at once to ensure we can get the widest possible colour gamut (this m...

  • Can I re-order?

    Yes, simply login to your account and at the bottom of your account page you will see your recent orders. Simply click the reorder button and it will add it to your basket.

  • How do I get an invoice?

    Login to your account and click ‘My Orders’ on the right side of the page. Click ‘View Order’ of the order you want the invoice for and you can then print your invoice by clicking the ‘Print...

  • Are you VAT registered?

    Yes, our VAT number is GB 995280966.

  • What payment methods do you accept?

    We accept all major card providers such as Visa and MasterCard. We also accept; American Express and Maestro cards.

  • Is it safe to buy from your website?

    Simply put - yes. We have some of the most advanced fraud prevention tools provided by our payment processor Braintree who is owned by PayPal, one of the world largest financial institutions. We also...

  • How do I get a discount?

    If you’re on our mailing list we offer some great deals. We also offer our loyal customers great offers & discounts.

  • Can I cancel my order?

    You can cancel you order at anytime until you approve your final design proof. The reason we cannot cancel your order after this point is that we send your order to our manufacturing department almost...

  • What will it say on my bank statement?

    It will simply say ‘Sticker it’ on your bank statement.

  • Why should I buy from you?

    We have been printing Stickers for over 10 years for the motorsport industry through our parent company Kartdavid (link to website). Kartdavid is the market leader in it’s industry and sells to top ...

  • Can I order without any artwork?

    Not yet as we ask you to upload something when you place an order. If you’re having trouble uploading your artwork please email us your artwork at 

  • When do I pay for my order?

    When placing your order we ask for your card details and we only ask for an ‘authorisation’ from your bank. Only once you have approved your design proof and we have shipped your order will we tak...

  • Do you ship internationally?

    Yes, we offer free shipping worldwide. See our shipping times to various countries here.

  • Can I split my designs over a single quantity?

    Unfortunately not. Each separate design needs to be uploaded as a different line item within your shopping cart.

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