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Is it okay to put stickers on your laptop?

Yes, stickers work well on a laptop.

Thousands of brands & individuals worldwide use stickers on their laptop or computer to show their personality, promote their message, or become a brand advocate.

If you choose the correct sticker, it will not damage your device, and you'll be able to peel it from your laptop when you're ready to remove it.

All materials on our laptop stickers page are guaranteed to work on the plastic, metal & glass surfaces of laptops.

Here are some examples:

Die cut eco friendly sticker with a teddy storm trooper design applied to a silver laptop
Circle glitter sticker with green Spotify logo applied to a laptop
Rectangular white vinyl sticker with developer design applied to a silver laptop
Circle holographic sticker with work hard dream big design applied to a silver laptop
Clear die cut adventure logo applied to a silver laptop
A laptop that's been sticker bombed with loads of custom stickers