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How to use eco-friendly stickers

Eco-friendly stickers and labels can be used just like their vinyl-based counterparts for product branding, labelling, food packaging giveaways, selling stickers, decorative stickers and much more.

In this article, we take a deep dive into the world of eco-friendly custom stickers, discuss what they are made of and share our top 3 ways to use them. Say goodbye to boring recycled paper stickers and hello to eco-friendly packaging 2.0!

What are eco-friendly stickers?

When you think of traditional stickers, you are likely to think of plastic stickers. But it is time to change that. While vinyl stickers can be great for many uses - and our range is even recyclable - eco-friendly stickers are here to stay.

Eco-friendly stickers are made from sustainably sourced wood pulp, a natural material that is available in white and clear and makes these stickers biodegradable and certified compostable!

The pressure-sensitive adhesive and glossy laminate we use to make these stickers durable and fit for outdoor use are biodegradable and the carbon-neutral printer we work with uses vegan, UV cured ink that will not interfere with the decomposition process.

Round eco friendly sticker with zero waste design applied to a glass water bottle filled with lemons and limes

Our top three ways to use eco-friendly stickers

But now to the nitty-gritty: our favourite ways to use eco-friendly stickers. This list is, of course, not exhaustive, but should simply give you some inspiration if you are not sure what to do with eco-friendly stickers.

When it comes to product labelling or similar uses, we recommend getting your eco-friendly stickers printed onto sticker sheets, rather than opting for an individual sticker.

The sheet will make your biodegradable paper labels much easier to peel, which can save you time in the long run. However, if you want to hand out your stickers or sell them individually, choose an individually cut sticker.

1. Packaging seals

Eco-friendly stickers are just what you need if you want to switch to sustainable packaging solutions. We love packaging seals. They show customers that your products are of high quality and that your business cares about the presentation of your packaging.

Especially if you are already using eco-friendly packaging materials, compostable labels are your perfect match. They can simply be decomposed with your other packaging materials, making the customer experience much more coherent.

Eco friendly label used as packaging seal on a cardboard box

2. Bottle labelling

Eco-friendly clear stickers and beverage bottles are a match made in heaven. It can be difficult to find transparent eco-friendly stickers and labels, but we have got you covered.

Our eco-friendly clear stickers are incredibly transparent and allow customers to spot the colour of your product through the material and the bottle, creating really cool effects that make your product stand out.

3. Product branding

Do not underestimate the power of a great custom label. Eco-friendly stickers are super versatile and can be used to brand a whole range of products. Their glossy finish gives your products a premium look and makes them resistant to water, scratches and fading in the sunlight.

Eco friendly label applied to a black tin filled with vitagums, tilted, some are spilled