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How to order custom labels online

Ordering custom-printed labels has just got easy. Simply select your material, shape, size, and quantity, and you are ready to go. You can even design your own artwork, giving you unique personalised labels in minutes.

The beauty of custom label printing is that you are in total control and can create a truly unique label for your business. If you want to know more about each step of ordering custom stickers and labels, including some tips and tricks on how to find your perfect match, read on.

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1. Choose the material you want your custom labels printed on

Depending on what product you choose, the order process will either start with selecting the right label material or the custom shape of your labels (more on that in step 2). We offer a wide range of label materials which you can find right here. Your right fit depends on two factors: what look you are after and how durable you need your labels to be.

Durability is essential as it determines how long and how well your labels will last. The most important question to ask is whether your labels need to be waterproof. If so, opt for vinyl-based materials.

The appearance of your labels is, of course, important too. You want your product labels or logo labels to represent your brand and the product they are applied to. We offer stunning effect materials like holographic, glitter, silver, gold, and fluorescent that will make your labels stand out!

2. Pick your custom label shape

Next, it is time to think about what custom shape your labels should have. We offer rectangular, square, circular and rounded corner labels as well as custom shapes.

The right shape really depends on your personal preference, but there are just a few pointers to keep in mind:

  • The fewer corners your label has, the less likely it is to peel. Each corner is a potential peel-off point, which is why labels with rounded corners or circle labels are so popular

  • rectangular label gives you much more space than a circle label

  • Custom shapes are amazing. It means that your label will be cut in the exact shape of your design. Why not give die cut labels a try?

For a deeper dive into all things stickers and labels sizing, have a look at our downloadable guide "Does shape matter?".

3. Enter the size and quantity for your custom printed labels size

How big should your labels be? Of course, this depends on what you will be applying them to. However, when you order custom labels, there are two ways you can enter your size.

Entering the size of your label

Do you know the size of your individual label? Perfect. Then simply enter that size and select the overall quantity of labels you need.

Entering the size of your sheet

You can also enter the size of your sheet. This is ideal if you are handing out sticker sheets or have a sheet design ready to go. Enter the size of your sheet and select the total quantity of sheets you want.

Once you have entered both the size of your printed labels and the quantity, our live pricing calculator will generate an instant quote. You can play around with the quantity until you are 100% happy and hit "continue". Find out more here: Do I enter my sheet size or individual sticker size?

4. Upload your artwork or create it right there

Then you will be asked to upload your artwork. If you have it ready, simply upload it. If it is not quite there, you can skip this step and send it to us later. We will send you email reminders to make sure the order goes smoothly.

Lastly, there is also the option to design your own printed labels right there. With our free online design tool Graphic, you can create your artwork from scratch or browse hundreds of templates and elements to edit. The perfect way to create a professional design in minutes.

You can then also add instructions for each artwork. Our design team will action these for you.

5. Check out and relax

And then it is time for us to get to work. While you lean back and relax, we will print, cut, laminate and ship your custom label order within four working days.

If you want to take a peek behind the scenes, you can have a look at how custom stickers and labels are made right here, or have a look at why we use the world's best digital printer to guarantee you the best print quality.

We only use sustainable packaging materials to ship your order and offer free UK delivery for orders over £25. You can find out more about our shipping options here.

Are you ready to give the highest quality printed labels a try? Then check out our custom labels range here.

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