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How to get the best value stickers

This is a question we get a lot.  This article will explain which factors impact price & which don't, to help you get the cheapest/best value custom stickers & labels.

What impacts the price the most?

  1. The size of your sticker

  2. How many you need

  3. The grade of material


1. Sticker size

The price of stickers is directly related to how much material it uses. Therefore, the larger your sticker, the more expensive it's going to be. This is because manufacturers of stickers & labels buy their raw materials by the area.


2. How many you need

Similar to the size of your sticker, the more you want, the higher the price. However, this is also where economies of scale apply.

The more you buy, the cheaper each sticker or label will be because any setup & fixed costs get spread across more units.

Setup & fixed cost include; design, loading the correct media on the printer loading, putting matte or gloss film in the laminator (if required), setup of the artwork into the cutter, postage & packaging.


3. Grade of material

A thin paper with no laminate will be the lowest cost option. A premium metallic film with gloss or matte laminate for extra protection will be much more expensive. 

Of course, these labels will last a different amount of time & entirely depend on the application. For a complete guide on making the right choice, please download our free guide


Factors that don't impact price (surprisingly)

  1. The number of colours doesn't matter. For quantities less than 20,000 digital printing is usually the first choice, meaning the number of colours doesn't matter as the price differential is minuscule.

  2. Complex cutlines don't matter. Digital or laser cutting is becoming widely used, so the shape of your sticker can be complex without impacting cost. With these cutting methods, there are minimal setup costs so go for whatever shape you want!