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How to get instant design proofs on Sticker it

We've recently launched a new online design tool called Graphic. It allows you to create a design online in minutes. It also allows you to upload your artwork and edit it (if required). All this enables you to create a design proof online, instantly.

What is a design proof?

A design proof is a digital representation of your sticker or label. It allows you to see what it'll look like once printed. Proofs are important to get right, so you can be confident your stickers or labels will look perfect once printed.

You can find our more about them in our blog post "What is a design proof?"

What is an instant design proof?

It's a design proof, shown to you straight away, online. So instead of waiting for our design team to create your design proof & email it to you, you'll see it on your screen immediately.

How do instant proofs help?

Instant design proofs have two main benefits:

  1. Instant iterations - seeing your design proof straight away allows you to change something you don't like. This instant, iterative feedback improves the quality of the final custom sticker or label you're ordering.

  2. Speed - having a design proof shown instantly speeds up the process of getting custom products. You don't have to wait for the design team to create your proof & send it via email, which you may miss. This can slow the whole process down.

You can learn more about the different proofing options here.

How to get my instant design proof?

To get your instant design proof, you need to create your design in Graphic or upload your artwork to Graphic. 

You will then see your design on the screen where you can make changes until you're 100% happy. Easy!