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How to apply a transfer sticker

A transfer sticker is cut from a single piece of vinyl. The waste is 'weeded' away, leaving your design. We then apply a semi-clear transfer tape which temporary layer holds all the pieces together for the application.

To effectively apply your transfer sticker flip it over on a clean, flat surface, so you're looking at the backing paper (your design is facing down).

Starting at a corner, peel the backing paper away, keeping it close to the surface of the table to get the maximum angle.

Once all the backing is removed, pick up your transfer sticker by the corners and position very lightly in the correct place.

If you do this very lightly, you'll be able to lift & remove it multiple times to get a perfect position.

Once you're happy with the positioning, working from the centre of your sticker, using a squeegee, a credit card, or just your thumb, press down firmly create a small circle. You don't need to use extreme pressure; that will risk stretching & distorting the sticker.

Working from your circle out, slowly apply pressure across the whole sticker, being careful to work from the centre out & removing all bubbles.

Top tip: if you're applying your transfer sticker to glass, especially if it's large, we recommend using hot soapy water. Put some in a spray bottle and spray the glass before applying.

Once you've worked all the bubbles and water out (if you applied to glass) leave your sticker for up to 24 hours if possible (optional). This will give time for the adhesive to gain strength & make it easier for you to remove the backing paper.

The next step is to remove the transfer paper. Starting at one corner, peel away slowly keeping the transfer paper close to the surface you've applied too. It'll ensure the individual pieces of your transfer sticker don't lift.

Now stand back & admire your handy work.