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How much do die cut stickers cost?

The price of die cut stickers changes depending on the material, the size and the quantity you choose.

Since we offer custom stickers that are manufactured to fit your needs, we do not have a set pricing list. Instead, we work with a live pricing calculator on every product page.

You can enter your custom size, material, and desired quantity, and it will automatically generate your price - bulk discounts included. The great thing about that is that you can play around with the quantities and sizes until you are 100% happy with the price

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How much do 1,000 die cut stickers cost?

Let's look at an example. If you are after 1,000 custom die cut stickers, you still need to pick your size and material.

If you select our bestselling white vinyl material and select dimensions of 6x6 cm (one of our most popular sizes), 1,000 die cut stickers come to £188 (0.19p each). The custom shape will not increase the cost of your stickers.

Our pricing calculator will give you an overview of the pricing breakdown at different sticker quantities. It also gives you the option to enter a custom quantity at the bottom, so you can create an instant custom quote.

Save money on multiple designs

Do you want to print more than one design within one order? That is no problem.

The pricing for your stickers will not change as we only charge the material used, no matter if you want to print the same design 1,000 times or split it across multiple designs.

For now, you can simply combine your designs in a .zip file and upload them. Find out more about how to upload multiple designs.

Do I have to pay extra for matte laminate?

Our vinyl stickers come with a standard glossy finish. We can only offer matte looks for bespoke orders over £250 at the moment.

If you are after matte laminated die cut stickers, contact us.

Or have a look at our biodegradable paper stickers. These come with a natural matte finish - and they are completely compostable!

Can I pay extra for a fast turnaround?

You will receive your digital design proof shortly after placing your order. From the moment you accept your proof, we will print, laminate, cut, and ship your stickers within 4 working days.

At the moment, this standard lead time cannot be shortened. We cater to larger businesses as well as individuals and aim to offer a fair service for all.

Our lead time allows us to serve each customer the same way while offering a predictable turnaround time.

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What about shipping costs?

We offer free shipping to the United Kingdom, the United States, and parts of Europe. You can find out more about the free shipping thresholds here.

You can also choose an express shipping option. For customers in the UK, this means that your order will be shipped within 24 hours. Express shipping to the US and Europe takes around 2-3 days. Have a look at the condensed list of our shipping options.

Please note that the express shipping option will not speed up our standard lead time of 4 working days. It simply ensures that you will receive your sticker order faster after it has been completed.

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