How long do car stickers last?

Car stickers made from vinyl will last up to three years despite being exposed to water, oil, scratches and sunlight.

Of course, this will depend on the environment your car is used in. Cars that are parked outside every day might experience more wear and tear than vehicles that have an indoor parking space.

Read on to find more information about car stickers and even tips for getting the most out of them.

What car stickers are made from?

Car stickers are usually made from vinyl, which is a durable and weather-resistant material. This makes them ideal for car decals that will be exposed to the elements.

For a better understanding, have a look at this exploded view of a car sticker:

Split view of a white vinyl sticker with each material layer numbered
  1. A glossy laminate that protects your design from sunlight, scratching and water and gives it a premium finish

  2. Printed with the wold's best digital printer to give you vibrant colours and ultimate longevity.

  3. Choose from our high-quality vinyl materials that are waterproof and weather-resistant.

  4. A permanent, medium-strength adhesive that is ideal for sticking to the inside or outside of your car.

  5. Finally, a thick backing makes your stickers easy to peel.

Will a car wash ruin my stickers?

No, car washes won't damage your stickers. As long as you properly install the sticker and follow any instructions provided, it should be safe to bring your vehicle through a car wash without any worries. You may want to avoid using high-pressure or steam sprays on your decals though, just to be extra careful.

Do car stickers peel off?

No. If your car sticker is made from quality materials and comes with a medium-strength adhesive, it should not just peel off.

Does your car experience a lot of wear and tear? Then set yourself up for success and opt for circle stickers. Since circle stickers have no corners, there is no natural way for them to lose grip or lift.

Tips for getting the most out of your car stickers

  • Set yourself up for success and apply your car stickers like a pro. It is essential to clean the surface you want to apply your stickers to thoroughly for the best possible result.

  • For extra protection, opt for a clear laminate over top of your car stickers. This will help make them more resistant to scratches and fading from UV rays.

  • If you live in an environment with extreme heat or heavy rain, select a front adhesive sticker that can be applied to the inside of your windows. This will extend the durability of your stickers.

  • Avoid touching your car stickers. Every time you interfere with the adhesive, you weaken it which can lead to peeling or curling.

Car stickers are a great way to spruce up your car and make it look unique. When properly installed with quality materials, they can last for years despite being exposed to the elements.

Make sure you clean the surface before applying them, opt for circle stickers if possible, and use a clear laminate over top of them for extra protection against scratches and fading from UV rays.

With these tips in mind, you should be able to get the most out of your car sticker investment!

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