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How do I get a quote?

We offer custom products. This is why we do not have a set pricing list but generate personalised quotes depending on: the material, the size and the quantity of stickers or labels ordered. To make this super easy and fast, we have developed an online quoting tool, so you can see how much your stickers will cost instantly.

To use it visit any product page, for example, die-cut stickers.

How does it work?

Look for this green box on the right hand side of any product page. This is where you can enter your details to get pricing.

Screenshot of the live pricing calculator

To start off, enter your size, in either centimetres or inches. For help on sizing, check out our article on finding the best size for your stickers and labels.

You can now select the material depending on the product page you choose. (If you are on, say, the holographic stickers page, you do not have to do this as the product always implies the material).

Changing material will change the price slightly. To find out more about the materials we offer, visit our materials page or take our quiz to find your perfect match.

You can then select the shape you want your stickers to have. (Again, if you are on the die cut stickers or circle stickers page, this step is not necessary).

Now, you will see a breakdown of your custom pricing for different quantities. At the bottom of this list, you can find the option to enter a "custom quantity".

If you have any questions at all, please contact us here. You can also contact us for a quote. We will use the above pricing calculators to create that for you, so please let us know

  • the material you want

  • the size of the sticker or label

  • the overall quantity

You can also learn more about the world of custom printing or find great design inspiration on our blog.