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How can I make die cut photo stickers?

With custom die cut stickers, the sky is the limit. So why not get one for your friend's birthday, a hen do or a sticker of your pet?

All you have to do for that is select your favourite material and upload your photo of choice - we will take care of the rest.

If you want to learn more about how to prepare your photo and how you can use a photo die cut sticker, read on.

Prepare your image to create a great die cut sticker

The photo you upload forms the basis of your sticker. The better the quality, the better your sticker will look. However, the quality of your image can vary depending on its resolution.

But do not worry, there is a way you can ensure that your photo will print nicely.

Before you submit your artwork, check its DPI. DPI stands for dots per inch. When you zoom into an image, you can see that it is made out of dots, so-called pixels.

The more dots there are per inch, the better your image quality. You should aim for a minimum of 300 DPI or more. Use Graphic, our free tool design tool, to check that.

You can then continue the ordering process as usual: choose your favourite material and shape and hit check out. If you chose a die cut sticker, our design team will create a custom shape by adding a cut line for you.

Which material is best for photo die cut stickers?

All of our vinyl and paper materials can make a great photo sticker.

A white material can give you the perfect base for vibrant colours, so have a look at our bestselling white vinyl material. Our vinyl materials come with a glossy lamination that makes your stickers waterproof and scratch-resistant.

If you are after an eco-friendly option, check out our biodegradable paper to get the matte finish.

You can also try out the same design on different effect materials like glitter and holographic to add that extra touch to a special occasion.

How can I order a low quantity of photo stickers?

Our live pricing calculator on every product page will customise the minimum order quantity depending on the dimension of your sticker. You can find the calculator to generate a custom die cut stickers quote right here.

Order a custom sample if the minimum order quantity still exceeds your needs. This way, you will get 10 stickers for £9 - a true bargain.

Check your design proof

Within 12 working hours of placing your order, our design team is creating a personalised design proof for you.

The precise cut of your custom shaped stickers will be indicated by a magenta line around the edge. Make sure you are happy with the shape of your die cut stickers and approve your design.

Then you can lean back while your stickers are printed and made ready for shipping.

How to use die cut photo stickers

You can use a photo sticker in many ways. Our top uses include

But these photo die cut stickers are not only perfect for personal use. Maybe your logo is an image? Then you can follow the steps above to create a stunning logo sticker for your business.

Remember that if you want to stick your custom stickers outside, choose a material that is fit for outdoor use.

Are you ready to give them a try?

We hope so. You can get your die cut stickers right here, or have a look around our high quality custom stickers range to find some inspiration.

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