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How are biodegradable stickers made?

Our biodegradable paper stickers are becoming more and more popular - for all the right reasons. And in this article, we will take a deep dive into the ins and outs of the biodegradable sticker making process.

We will cover what these beauties are made from, how they are printed and how to get the most out of your custom stickers.

What is a biodegradable paper sticker?

Biodegradable paper stickers are part of our sustainable sticker range. They are not just any paper sticker.

These stickers are made from a mix of sugarcane fibre, linen and hemp. Sugarcane fibre is a by-product of the sugar making process, making it a great resource. You can learn more about sugarcane fibre in this blog post: Biodegradable paper stickers - All you need to know

All the resources used to create our paper stickers are natural, which makes these stickers completely biodegradable. All you have to do is put it in your food waste bin at home, and it will decompose within 12 weeks.

Biodegradable paper sticker lifecycle

How are biodegradable stickers printed?

Different sticker manufacturers will use different inks. For our biodegradable paper stickers, we opt for a UV-cured ink. This not only saves energy but contains fewer solvents than traditional inks. It is also free of animal products and has a GREENGUARD Gold Certification.

With this, we can create a stunning print quality that creates vibrant colours on the white base of your stickers. Keep in mind that your biodegradable paper stickers can have any shape you want: from die cut to kiss cut over circle or square.

We do not laminate these stickers to keep the natural matte finish. This gives your paper stickers a beautiful artisan effect. In fact, a study has shown that consumers prefer paper packaging as it makes the product appear more handcrafted.

Are these compostable stickers?

Yes, these stickers are biodegradable as they are made from natural ingredients. The layer of ink and adhesive we apply are so thin that they will not interfere with the decomposition process.

We also ship your biodegradable paper stickers in eco-friendly packaging, including biodegradable "plastic" bags.

What other eco-friendly custom stickers are there?

Our range of sustainable stickers not only includes biodegradable paper stickers. We also offer eco-friendly stickerseco-friendly clear stickers and eco-friendly front adhesive stickers.

These are all made from wood pulp, which is also a natural resource, making these stickers biodegradable. We laminate these stickers to give them a glossy shine.

Each of our environmentally friendly stickers are available on sheets. Sticker sheets are usually A4 sized and have individual custom labels printed onto them. If you opt for one of our sustainable materials, you can have compostable labels.

We offer biodegradable labels or eco-friendly labels to brand your products and packaging in no time.

Die cut biodegradable paper sticker with protect our oceans design applied to a silver laptop

Recyclable stickers, compostable stickers, eco-friendly stickers, biodegradable stickers. You see, stickers do not have to be made from plastic. If you are ready to give them a try, check out our range of sustainable stickers right here.

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