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Do compostable stickers exist?

Yes, they do. When you first think of stickers, your mind might immediately jump to plastic stickers. But there is so much more to the sticker universe. With new, improved technology, we can offer you environmentally friendly stickers that are compostable. You can find our eco-friendly stickers here, or check out our biodegradable stickers here. Do you want to learn more about what a compostable sticker is, the difference between our environmentally friendly materials, and more? Then read on.

Round clear eco friendly stickers with munch design applied to brown paper coffee cups

What are compostable stickers?

For a sticker to be compostable, it has to be made of natural materials that can be broken down by bacteria. This is so it can decompose with the fruit or vegetable scraps and other organic produce in your compost bin or your food waste bin.

The ink and adhesive we use are so thin that they will not impact the composition process, meaning that your stickers will completely degrade within 12 weeks instead of filling up landfills.

This is why you will often find such stickers used as compostable produce stickers, logo stickers for eco-conscious brands, or for branding of recyclable or compostable packaging.

Square biodegradable paper sticker with save the ocean design hand held

Are eco-friendly stickers compostable?

Yes, our eco-friendly stickers are completely compostable. They are made from sustainably sourced wood pulp, which can decompose within 12 weeks.

We offer this material in white or clear to give you as many options as possible. Both material options are laminated with a clear, glossy film that makes these stickers tear-proof and protects them from water and scratches.

If you are looking for a thicker, more textured base instead, have a look at our biodegradable paper stickers. These are made from a wood-free mix of sugarcane fibre, linen and hemp, making these stickers eco-friendly and compostable.

Due to their paper base, these stickers are not waterproof and should only be used indoors on cardboard packaging, to create product labels or hand out free logo stickers.

Rectangle biodegradable paper sticker with take out logo applied to cardboard food boxes

What about plastic stickers?

Plastic stickers are not compostable. Most vinyl stickers are made from PVC, which is not only not compostable, but very hard to recycle.

We want to offer you as many eco-conscious options as possible, which is why our vinyl stickers are made from polypropylene. Polypropylene is a plastic material that can be widely recycled, which makes our vinyl stickers recyclable.

Eco friendly sticker applied to glass vodka bottle next to long drink glass filled with a cocktail