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Can you print fluorescent colours?


We print onto fluorescent materials & have the colour of the material coming through your design in specific places to make it appear fluorescent. The effect can look amazing. For lots of examples, visit our fluorescent stickers product page.

This image shows you the construction of our fluorescent stickers.

Split view of a yellow fluorescent sticker with each material layer numbered

The layers are:

  1. The gloss laminate is applied over the printed layer and protects it from scratching, water, chemicals and from fading in sunlight.

  2. We print using the latest digital inkjet technology with super detail & vibrant colours. We also print white to give great, opaque colours, even on fluorescent coloured materials. 

  3. You can choose from a range of fluorescent coloured materials to create your desired end-result.

  4. A permanent, medium-strength, pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive makes fluorescent stickers perfect for 1000’s of applications.

  5. A thick, premium paper-backing makes these stickers rapid to peel & gives a quality feel.