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Can I order without any artwork?

To create custom stickers and labels, you need artwork. We do not offer pre-designed stickers and labels (yet 😉). But you can submit or create your own artwork at different stages of the ordering process.

Creating artwork from scratch

With Graphic, our free online design tool, you can create your own artwork within minutes. You can either upload and edit your own file, create a design from scratch or use our templates and elements to add your own twist.

Send your artwork later

If your artwork simply is not ready yet, you can email it to use after you have placed your order. Simply select the product you want to order, enter your size, select the quantity and click "continue".

You will then see the below screen. Click "skip & email later" to checkout without artwork.

We will send you a reminder with your order confirmation so you don't forget we need your artwork before we can process your order.