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Can I get clear sticker sheets?

Absolutely. If you love our clear stickers but are looking to brand your product with your own labels, it is time to get your hands on some clear stickers sheets.

You can either have a look at our sticker sheets page or head directly to our clear labels.

If you are unsure whether clear labels are the right choice for you, or you simply want to learn more about your custom sticker sheet options, read on.

Clear eco friendly labels applied to a glass soap dispensers containing exfoliant

How to design clear sheets

Designing clear labels is just as easy as creating clear stickers. We have a design guide ready to download for you right here.

When you design labels, you can either design your sticker, upload it, and we will place as many as possible on one sheet, or you can design your own sheet. If you do that, be sure to make each label needs larger than 2 cm and at least 4 mm apart from the next one.

What makes the clear sticker design process special is the transparent material itself. When you print colour directly onto a clear sticker or label, it will generate a beautiful stained-glass effect.

If you want your design or certain parts of it to appear opaque, we print white ink in between your spot colours and the material. This will dilute the stained-glass effect and generate a "normal" colour.

You can simply let your design team know which parts of your design you would like to be clear, have a stained-glass effect or should appear normally. They will happily action that for you.

Are you a little worried about creating a design for your own custom stickers and clear labels? There is no need for that. With Graphic, our free online design tool, you can create your own design within minutes. Simply browse our pre-designed templates and elements, edit them until you are happy, save them and send them to print!

Clear eco friendly labels with munch design applied to a food container and a cardboard coffee cup

What is clear sticker paper?

You might be wondering what clear stickers are printed on. You will often come across the term printable clear sticker paper when you research that. That is actually not accurate.

Clear stickers are not printed on a form of clear paper. Instead, we use a transparent vinyl base to print your stickers. This material comes with a permanent adhesive that will stick to almost all smooth surfaces. A printable vinyl base also means that your stickers will withstand wear and tear and can be used outdoors.

If you are looking for a plastic-free clear sticker option, have a look at our eco-friendly clear stickers. These are printed onto a clear material made from wood pulp and decompose within 12 weeks.

Can I print clear labels with my inkjet printer?

Yes, printing labels and clear stickers with inkjet printers is possible. However, we would recommend starting out with a simple design that has no white layers to make it easier for your printer.

If you want to print your own clear stickers on your desktop inkjet printer, you need printable sticker paper for inkjet and potentially a cutting machine.

Both an inkjet and laser printer do print stickers differently. But with a little experience, your desktop printer can do the trick and deliver a beautiful clear sticker.

Clear eco friendly labels with flower design applied to handmade soy wax candles

When to use clear custom sticker sheets

We recommend using sticker sheets over individually cut stickers for any branding purpose.

Use clear labels when you want to label your product with your logos, product information or other labels. You can even use them for scrapbooking and other personal use.

When you get these printed on a sheet, they are easier to store and faster to peel, which can save you lots of time.

If you want to sell stickers, be sure to go with individually cut ones. This simply means that your customer can purchase one sticker at a time.

There is no price difference between individually cut stickers and sheets, as you only pay for the number of stickers you order, no matter what they are printed onto.

That is everything you need to know about clear sticker sheets. And now it is up to you. Get your clear labels right here.

Not sure which one is right for you; clear stickers or clear labels? Then maybe you need a little more information: