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  • What is the difference between vector and bitmap artwork?

    A vector image uses geometrical formulas (maths) to represent images. Bitmap images, also known as raster, are made up of a pattern of dots (pixels). Therefore, it is very easy to scale & change vecto...

  • Which formats of artwork do you accept?

    We accept almost any artwork. If you are having trouble uploading it, please email it to us. Here is an exhaustive list of the artwork you can upload:

  • How to get the most accurate colours?

    To get the most accurate colours please let us know us a CMYK, RGB or Pantone reference for the colour(s) you want us to match as closely as possible. We will then edit your artwork to make sure these...

  • Can I give you low quality artwork?

    Yes, but please be aware it could appear blurry if you want larger stickers. We have clever methods of increasing the resolution of bitmap (link to bitmap vs vector artwork FAQ) images, but there is n...

  • Will my size change during proofing?

    Occasionally, but only in one dimension. This is due to what is called aspect ratio. We want to keep the aspect ratio the same so your artwork doesn’t appear stretched in one direction. For example,...

  • Can you print fluorescent colours?

    We print onto fluorescent materials & have the colour of the material coming through the print in certain places to make it appear fluorescent. The effect can appear amazing. Here are some example:

  • How to prepare vector artwork?

    If you are giving us vector artwork change your colours to CMYK and convert the text to curves. We prefer eps files as these keep most of the information about a vector.

  • I am having trouble uploading artwork?

    Please get in contact and email us our artwork so we can add it to your order.

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