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Are your clear stickers gloss or matte?


We use a gloss finish to give them maximum transparency as we find that's what most people want from clear stickers.

A matte finish on a clear sticker gives a frosted effect.

See our clear stickers page for loads of great examples.

Oval clear sticker with gin logo applied to a clear gin bottle
Oval clear sticker applied to a cardboard box filled with cookies stating you've got great taste
Die cut clear sticker with vikings logo applied to a silver laptop
Rectangular clear eco friendly stickers applied to soap dispensers
Round clear sticker applied to a cardboard box with a pink bow containing a wedding gift for guest on a white plate
Die cut clear stickers with cat art applied to a pink notebook
Round clear sticker with Google Chrome design applied to a silver laptop
Round clear eco friendly stickers with munch design applied to brown paper coffee cups